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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

[Lump of Sugar] Tayutama + Sequel (JAP)

certainly, Tayutama is one of the best galge ever..
that ED song...

btw, I forgot who requesting this, but to whoever are you, we're sorry for the late-ness..
well, there's been storm coming here after all... ahahaha

Almost a month,still not counted as late :P

almost a month indeed...


Title: Tayutama -Kiss on My Deity-
Original title: タユタマ -kiss on my deity-
Length: Medium (10 - 30 hours)
Developer: Lump of Sugar
Release Date: 2008/07/11



Yuri is a high school student and his father runs a shrine. He is interested in cars and motorcycles, but he thinks of succeeding him after graduation. One day, an old piece of pottery is found at his school. Students don't know what it is, but he's seen it before at his shrine. His shrine has a local legend called Tayutayu. He used to rule this area and he brought misfortune when treated badly. Yuri, Ameri, and Sankuro think something bad will happen if they treat it mistakenly, but nobody believes them. A while later, a girl, Mashiro, comes to his school and she suddenly says to him, "Well, we can now make a dream come true!" Like this, Yuri's school life dramatically changes.... Who is Mashiro? What will happen to Yuri...?


CG Sample
don't you ever... kiss a god


Title: Tayutama -It's happy days-
Original title: タユタマ -It's happy days-
Length: Short (2 - 10 hours)
Publishers: Lump of Sugar
Release Date: 2009-05-29



Hi there, I'm Yuri. One day, Mashiro wins a lottery and the prize is a three-day trip ticket. It's a big surprise, but bigger accidents happen to me one by one later. For example, Mashiro asks me to marry. Well, it's an extreme choice. While I live a busy life, I finally decide which way I should go in the future. I also get a partner whom I'll walk together for the rest of my life. As you can see, the trip ticket is a tiny tiny thing. Though summer holiday starts, I still live a busy life and I get tired. Yes, my partner seems to be tired as well. When I think about having a rest, I remember the trip ticket...


CG Sample

Download Link




this conclude the combo...
a bonus for you
who's the artist?
see Fanpage, you'll find the same girl as that nipple-bitten-by-cats-girl

ecchi pic is fine sometimes~


  1. Too bad that none english translation group is working on Tayutama... :S

  2. Whats with the fake sis file in the FD?
    and theres 2 part4s in the other one

  3. @1st anon

    @2nd anon
    are you sure? :3

  4. can someone give a walkthrough link for this game,.can't find any at google..

  5. which one?

    if you can find it via googling, try using kanji

  6. umm there is a problem:
    I download the Tayutama it's happy day(or [kai]It sad day)
    but then when i extract the rar
    it got CRC error on part09,

    on part01 consist txt file which CRC32 is B6474F29
    but that is only in part01 so it's fine to extract

    on part02 to part08 (include part01) the mdf file CRC32 is FF0C74C2
    but then part09 mdf file CRC32 is 064FE188
    (i have re-download it but the CRC32 still the same)

    then the part10 to part18 consist of mds file which CRC32 is 079B99B2
    but then the mdf file (which is from part01 file) CRC32 is A199B8B5

    so...anyone can help me (there 3 different CRC32 on 1 mdf file)
    is it my winRar, my computer, the RAR file, or something else I must do to fix this?

    1. Umm I'm the same person as above
      (that's right I'm replying to my self)
      there is recovery on the part09
      (which i don't realize last time, coz the file openned up just fine, not like the things I have encounter, the corrupt file won't openned by winRar)
      so I repair the archieve....
      then it extract just fine...
      sorry for making a fuss

  7. dam i hope a translation group takes this

  8. can't download part.21 ... :(

  9. Will the links be online again? Stuck on part 22 D:

  10. Thanks for providing this vn. I have a question.
    How do i install the updates for Kiss on my Deity?
    Thanks in advance

    1. With the Fan-Disc of Tayutama comes a DVD called
      Super Duper Love Mix.
      When you open the DVD with right-click and open there is a folder called takotama with a Readme and three Updates for Tayutama -Kiss on my Deity-.
      Again thanks for your time

    2. oh, there is?

      I dunno about that one, ask at the forum

    3. Ok, thanks.
      This page http://www.erojiji.net/index.php?/topic/588-tayutama-its-happy-days/ or another?


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