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Thursday, October 27, 2011

[Album] Never More -Reincarnation : PERSONA 4-


Shoji Meguro FTW!!

Raizu said:
Shoji Meguro sure know his stuff!
He is man among man on the music compose

hoo, actually you do know your stuff, well done,
as expected as the one who use similar color to mine.

Tsundere_Lover Said:
This album is epic..
Im having an eargasm after listening to this album..
trust me this one is EPIC... not epic fail
but Awesomely Epic
my personal recomendation: I'll face myself, Sign of love, Speciallist, and Nevermore

Dwi_edge: meh, this one is better

Never More -Reincarnation : PERSONA 4-


Persona 4" long-awaited reincarnation of the hands of the sound from Shoji Meguro!!
"Pursuing My True Self" other full version, all 12 records !!

Release Date : October 26, 2011

01 Pursuing My True Self
02 Heartbeat, Heartbreak
03 Like a dream come true
04 I'll Face Myself -Battle-
05 Reach Out To The Truth
06 Your Affection
07 Reverie
09 Heaven
10 Signs Of Love
11 specialist
12 Never More

Download Link
supplementary link, please buy the original version

basically these songs are the FULL version of the OLD P4 OST
full version = full enjoyment

enjoy and treasure this guys, like I

My personal Comment
haha coz I really love this album..
I will do another stupid thing which is commenting on each song..
so here we go

01 Pursuing My True Self
what can I say about this song.. it just a longer version of pursuing my true self.. nothing
really special about it.. just longer song but it's still worth hearing

02 Heartbeat, Heartbreak
one great song from persona 4, but sadly I dont really like this remake version..they make
the song little bit faster.. but in the end of the song you can hear a sound of rain dripping
which is kinda cool coz this song are played in the game when it's cloudy.

03 Like a dream come true
I cant believe Shoji Meguro choose this song.. it's just a regular song but not in this album
the trumpet in this song is great...if you are a fans of jazz you will find this song is very

04 I'll Face Myself -Battle-
ah.. one of the best music in this album.. I just cannot stop myself from listening to this music
you'll have to listen to the song to understand it greatness. The rhythm in this song is rising
up and down.. somehow that's what makes this song is Epic. Oh yeah.. the sound effect in
this song also great. *Personal Recomendation*

05 Reach Out To The Truth
Catchy song from persona 4.. will this remake or longer version is greater than the one on
persona live performance album? and the answer is yes!! I love this longer version of Reach
out to the truth.. unlike from the persona live performance album I hate that version coz the
guitar is quite messed up..

06 Your Affection
another sweet song from persona 4 which I love really much.. but sadly the sweetness of
this song is kinda dissapearing coz Shoji Meguro are making it into some kind of upbeat
song.. but this song still worth to hear.

07 Reverie
Sad music from persona 4 are changed into more sad song... it's good... but its sad T_T

SMILE..another sweet music.... too sweet to be true that the longer version of this song
are being made. trust me.. it still Sweet... as sweet as a candies :3

09 Heaven
I kinda dislike this song because it lacks of instrument I guess? if you want to hear a better
version of this song.. try to hear Heaven on persona live performance album

10 Signs Of Love
I love this song... the original version is great.. but I dont really like the "Rap" part.. but in
this version the remake the "Rap" part.. and it quite interesting for me. and the Reff part of
this song is great :) *Personal Recomendation*

11 specialist
another underestimated music... I cant believe that this futsuu music turned into such an
awesome music... dont believe me? just listen to it!!! *Personal Recomendation*

12 Never More
ah... we have reach into the last song... which is EPIC.. I will not tell you what makes this song
so Epic to me.. coz you have to listen to it all by yourself...*Personal Recomendation*



  1. FLAC or any loseless format plz...and yes im loseless FAG... :P

  2. meh, this Album didn't deserve to be in my FLAC Collection... so no


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