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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

[Crowd] Brave Souls (ENGRISH)

ahhh.. good old Eroge..
I've played this vn for about 3 -4 years ago..
I can remember that I'm so desperated playing it..
just to get one girl ending -___-
well enough reminiscing and start the post..

Brave Soul


Title: Brave Soul
Developer: Crowd
Publisher: Crowd


It is a world very different from ours, a world in which magic exists, a world where peasants labor under the burden of heavy taxes imposed upon them by the unfair rulers of the land. Although the commoners have a difficult lot, there are those among them with the strength to use his sword and make a name for himself -- an adventurer. To be an adventurer is the dream of every peasant.

The story details the journey of a young man who was raised in the countryside of Souvania, on the continent of Valencia. Disowned by his own father and forced to make his way in life, he chooses to become a Hunter, a mercenary who accepts jobs for a variety of adventures. Heading into town to officially join the Hunter’s Guild with his dragon Shell at his side, he happens across a mysterious girl who looks strikingly like the Moon Goddess.

The Moon Goddess... Ever since he was young, a beautiful girl appears before him on nights of a full moon. Because of the mysterious manner of her appearance, he gave her her unique name. With the mysterious girl Alicia and dragon Shell at his side, as well as new characters he will join with later, our hero embarks on many bold adventures. But will he ever be able to solve the bizarre mystery of the beautiful Moon Goddess standing in the lake...?

Anon Review
it's one decent Eroge I can say.. but there are many flaw in this game.. such as there's no map on the dungeon.. that's one major problem of this game.. imagine that you are going to explore 10 floor of dungeon without any map at all, and to make thing even worse.. the upstair stair and downstair stairs are didn't have any different at all... so you will moving up and down without even realising that you are not going anywhere (I experience that). and also when you re-visit the previous floor the enemy will be respawned, so just enjoy your enemy. Despite that epic Faillness this Eroge has awesome art.. yup the one and only reason why I kept on playing this game is the art it self. I've forgotten who is the artist but damn it awesome. and now about the gameplay it's really an old gameplay where you will click the mouse and the character will move there they have some skills which make this game interesting, but to me the skills are too litle, if I'm not mistaken the main character only has two skill, the straight one and the area one. about the conquest of the girls, some girls can be conquered only if you beat the game again!!! yup, many great girls are can be conquered or appear at the last time. so you have to have many free time to collect all CG re visiting the same old dungeon, and stronger enemy. as the overall I can give this Eroge 6.5 out of 10, if you are a fans of great art why don't you try to play this game, but if you don't have time to play it.. just download the CG -____-









This will help if you seek al of the ending...
you must play this by your own...
(Hey you are not VN Player if you relying too much for everything!)

Go on...


The event will trigger if you have enough "love points" with her. For more info check your manual or read through the memo section in the Camp Mode in the game.

Note: You will not get the h-scene event untill after the forced mission
Duel of Fate in most cases.

Ending 0 Brave Soul
Secret pointless ending.

Ending 1 At the End Roads of Fate
The no girl ending. Leave the ladys be and you'll get it.

Ending 2 - A New Bond (Alicia)

1. Souvenia - Peeping
2. Souvenia - Drinking
3. Souvenia - 1st Date
4. Souvenia - Cafe
5. Estamine - Alicia's History
6. Minstrel - Alicia's House
7. Soleil - Rudy's Dad
8. Souvenia - 2nd Date
9. Souvenia - Together at Last
10. anywhere - 1st H-scene
11. anywhere - 2nd H-scene (choose one option)
12. anywhere - 3rd H-scene (choose the other option)

Ending 3 - Fights are Proof of Love (Caroll)

1. Souvania - Cards
2. Souvania - Dare Contest
3. Minstrel - Anti-Male Spell
4. Estamine - Race
5. Souvania - Monster Battle
6. Soleil - Hot Springs
7. Souvania - Best Couple Contest
8. Souvania - Possession
9. Souvenia - Together at Last
10. anywhere - 1st H-scene
11. anywhere - 2nd H-scene

Ending 4 - The Stranded Couple (Marin)

1. Estamine - Hide-n-Seek
2. Souvenia - Cat Rescue
3. Soleil - Laugh Mountain
4. Minstrel - New Friend
5. Estamine - Hot Springs
6. Estamine - Pi Pi Sickness
7. Estamine - Kiss...sorta
8. Estamine - Rudy becomes a Dumbass
9. Estamine - 1st H-scene
10. anywhere - 2nd H-scene

Ending 5 - The Veiled Red Rose (Ruby)

1. Minstrel - Massage
2. Minstrel - Thief
3. Estamine - Orphanage
4. Souvenia - Copycat
5. Soleil - Ex-Partner
6. Minstrel - Vine Lady (woo hoo!!)
7. Minstrel - Maiden's Prayer
8. Minstrel - Rudy's Dilemma (must be a S-rank Hunter for this event)
9. Minstrel - 1st H-scene
10. anywhere - 2nd H-scene

Ending 6 - Endless Journey (Karen)

1. Estamine - Dishwasher
2. Soleil - Farmer
3. Minstrel - Maid
4. Soleil - Buried Treasure
5. Souvenia - Lovesick
6. Minstrel - 1st H-scene
7. anywhere - 2nd H-scene

Ending 7 - The Smile of a Goddess (Clare)

1. Stay in a Inn and talk to Shell, you'll get a event where Rudy gets sick.
You need this event or you won't get the ending.
2. After the 'Duel of Fate' forced mission you need to do the Ancient Capital Mystery mission right away to get Clare. Remember, Alicia must be in your party or no Clare. I suggest you get her as soon as possible, you will have very few missions left to earn love points with her.
3. Soleil - Q&A
4. Souvenia - Buy one for her <--- choose this
5. Souvenia - Take her for some fun <--- choose this
6. Estamine - Dragon
7. Minstrel - 1st H-scene
8. anywhere - 2nd H-scene

DONE... now you can said this:

if you meet a problem in installing the game.. try to follow this guy (Heryu) step..

here is how he install it

first i am using magic iso to mount it, but it failed (when i click the exe file, a blank command prompt appear and do nothing), but when i am using alcohol to mount it it successfully mounted

the problem happened when i tried to install it,at first when i tried to install it, it stopped (just like default user said), then i turn off my av(Anti Virus) and it can be installed perfectly :)

Extra Note
hmm... sometimes old thing is worth sharing..


  1. did anyone have instalation guide or something cause it seems like i cant install this game. i already clicked the install.exe brave_S.exe and autorun.exe and still cant even open the instalation menu. little help here and thankx

  2. well, i dont think its about that.

    because i have downloaded from several sources and torrents to find that i cant even open the installation menu, so i think the brave soul game needed special program or ways to install it.

  3. hmm according to this guy he able to install it.. here is how he install it

    first i am using magic iso to mount it, but it failed (when i click the exe file, a blank command prompt appear and do nothing), but when i am using alcohol to mount it it successfully mounted

    the problem happened when i tried to install it,at first when i tried to install it, it stopped (just like default user said), then i turn off my av and it can be installed perfectly :)

  4. well so can i conclude that the problem is:

    1. using magic iso (cuz im also using that)
    2. Anti virus (well i keep my av always activated)

    i ll confirm later. thanks btw

  5. sorry to being noisy again.

    I only tried this now and found out that with alcohol i can open the setup.exe to install, but the problem is the installation process stop at copying file: e:\program files\brave_s\avi\bs_op.avi is it the problem with the software or my computer?

    thanks again btw

  6. umm.. part is not found..
    can someone re upload it..
    thnx.. :)

  7. please reupload part 3....thanks

  8. yes. i'm still waiting for part 3 too.. ^^

  9. can you pass me the password for the archives?

  10. If this is a stupid question and you feel that I'm wasting your time, sorry. But after the setup when i try to run the program it says
    When You first time run this program, You must have admin privileges!
    This is the exact wording. I know that I am in the administrator account when running the game, so what is it talking about?

  11. I got this game and while i don't seem to have a problem with anything else the memo text font is near unreadable on my display, do you (or anyone seeing this) know how I'd change it? Any of the other fonts i've seen in the menu area would be great.

    1. english, and I just took a real good look at it compared to the other text and realized that it might actually be the same font with the colors particular to it giving it the distorted look sorry about that. but still wondering how i'd go about changing that

    2. go change it to japanese and see what happen

    3. huh, that worked. Thankyou very much I'd never of thought of doing that.

    4. that's what you should do before doing anything at this blog

    5. honestly, I found this page googling for a solution to the text issue and didn't really look around until after i made that last post. Nice site, and... I wish i'd had that newbie guide handy a few months ago. While i've got your attention mind if I ask how well the autotranslate method you mention in the guide actually works (fairly clear/will take some puzzling out/plain confusing), because your recommended list looks interesting but I can't read jap at all.

  12. the anon review is incorrect. u do get maps to the dungouns AFTER u beat the game once. also if u get a certain ending that girl gets cool stuff the next playthrough. check www.gamefaqs.com for a faqs and other stuff for this game. i downloaded this from erogedownload

  13. i cant download part 2, even after use Mega Downloader

  14. Does anybody knows if there is a port of this game for Android or psp?


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