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Saturday, September 17, 2011

[Download] CraneAnime's Anime (Blu-Ray Encoded) - Part Seven


after a while.. we are doing our Anime BD post again..
just enjoy this High Quality Anime

in case if you miss the previous post.. (it's the seventh post)

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Anime BD Encoded DL part 2
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Anime BD Encoded DL part 6
all of this BD Anime are encoded by Raizu

H2O: Footprints in the Sand


Producers: Zexcs
Genres: Romance, School, Harem
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older

Takuma Hirose is a blind young male high school student, though the cause for his blindness is undetermined. In order to heal his medical condition, he is sent to live in a village with his uncle. There, he meets several girls, three of which stand out more than any of the others. They are Hayami Kohinata, Hinata Kangura, and Otoha. Otoha temporarily heals his blindness and Hirose uses his sight to help others. He finds out that, for some reason, Hayami Kohinata is hated in the village, and he tries his best to help her out. Meanwhile, many sad secrets unfold in the village...

Anon Review:
by Llama_Guy
The story in itself was really nice. It's sad, yet happy, and it's dramatic. It gives me a feeling of happiness when watching, but also a sad feeling. And whilst it was really good, it was way too sudden at times though. And the jump-the-shark episode (episode 8) kind of ruined things, but I'm glad that it returned to normal after that episode. Anyway, this story was great IMO. Oh, and the last episode just couldn't settle on an end, which was irritating. I mean, first, I was somewhat at comfort with the first "ending". But not at all, suddenly something else happens, and the end has different outlook. I got used to that too, though. Then, at the last second, yet another thing happens. In the end, I wasn't sure whether I should cry of disappointment or happiness. In retrospect, I think I can say for certain that I liked the end though.

All in all, the story had its flaws and sudden moments, and one dreadful episode. The last episode couldn't settle on an end until the very last second. Despite these bad things, it was really enjoyable.

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Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito


Japanese: ヤミと帽子と本の旅人
Producers: Studio Deen
Genres: Adventure, Mystery, Ecchi, Fantasy, Magic, Shoujo Ai
Rating: R+ - Mild Nudity

Hatsuki is a highschool student living alone with her classmate, Hatsumi, who she has a huge crush on. On Hatsumi's 16th birthday, she is suddenly surrounded by green light and disappears in front of Hatsuki. She manages to follow Hatsumi with the help of a being resembling a fat baby chick (literally), ending up in a place called the Great Library, which is full of different worlds stored in books. Hatsumi wasn't there, though, so the search for Hatsuki's great love begins and involves traveling from book to book.

Anon Review:
By Ranivus
Story: 6 (Constant alternate universe style)
Art: 7 (It's ecchi-tastic! Everything else is nice too)
Sound: 7 (Lots of girl groaning in this show)
Character: 8 (So... much... fanservice [/drools])
Enjoyment: 9 (I enjoyed the hell out of it)
Overall: 34/50 = 7.4 ~7.0 (It'll play with your emotions)

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  1. can you reupload steins;gate vn? actually english ver is done. i think u already know bout it..

  2. Kai's on holiday...

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