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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

TWGOK Manga Review

Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai Review

First off all, let me introduce myself, my name is Otoshigami (not a real name). My hobby is reading manga and any other articles. I am now a college student . My age is 19 years old, blood type : B. My motivation : There is always a bright light when you keep trying to give your best. That's all about my Introduction. I began to try make some review, so if my review is bad, please forgive me. Thank you for your attention.

Ayumi Takahara (高原 歩美, Takahara Ayumi) is the first capture target in the series.
She is Keima's classmate at Maijima Private High School. Her defining character traits include general cheerfulness and athleticism. She is the best member in the track and field team at Maijima and quite possibly the fastest person at the school. She always running recklessly to get anywhere, often running in her haste into walls or people. Although she initially succumbed to upperclassman pressure and her own lack of self-confidence, with the help of Keima, she quickly became an important member of the team. Her habits is to tie her hair up whenever she is going to run seriously.
Ayumi makes her first appearance in the series as the premiere escaped spirit possessor after running over Keima in the hallway, something that he quickly appropriates as evidence of the inferiority of real girls. Her emotional conflict lies primarily in the jealous peer pressure a group of upperclassmen in the Cross Country Club are shown to be exerting on her, since she is to be representing the school in an upcoming meet. Eventually she bows to their demands by pretending to injure herself the day before the meet, but Keima is able to see through this and convinces her to run in the meet, aided by a basket of fruits and a new pair of running shoes, in which she came in first place. After the conquest, she loses her memory of her experience with Keima, but blushed when Keima congratulated her.
I really loved this arc because in this arc for the first time Keima interact with a real girl, and he can handle it quite well for a beginner in the real world. She appears again in Chihiro Arc, she support Keima to make up with Chihiro after a big fight between them. She also appear many times in the next chapter, especially in the Goddess Arc, she is a Goddess candidate and appear in the last chapter 154 together with Chihiro with one Goddess left. She is my favourite character, her beautiful smiles makes me cheerful to face this boring real world.

Mio Aoyama (青山 美生, Aoyama Mio) is the second capture target in the series and is the daughter of the late president of the Aoyama Corporation.
Mio's character immediately recognize as an arrogant character who looks down upon other individuals as "commoners." Keima categorizes her as a "tsundere" character on the basis of her cat-like eyes, light hair color, twin-tailed hairstyle, and short height (as demonstrated by her wearing platform shoes to increase her height), an assumption that is almost completely correct, this is not entirely the case: she is shown, in reality, to live in a cheap apartment with no help but that of her late father's faithful driver, Morita, while her mother works in an undisclosed location to make ends meet. She abuse both Keima and Morita.

She’s a typical Ojou-sama type. A arrogance person, well her arc is quite funny, because Keima have to paddle various vehicle to escort her from her apartment to the school. She don’t want to accept her father’s death that’s why she pretend to be rich. But with help from Keima, she learns to accept her father’s death and began help her Mom to pay his father’s debt.

Kanon Nakagawa (中川 かのん Nakagawa Kanon) is a popular idol, as well as the third capture target in the series.
Kanon is a good natured, polite and very cheerful person. She becomes fixated on Keima when she learns that he don’t know that she is an idol (to the point of attacking him viciously with two stun guns). She has a very low self-esteem and her idol status is the only thing that provides comfort.Being ignored by people disturbing her, she also sad when she remember Citron group was break because she is more popular than Citron’s leader, Lime, leaving Kanon a fear over her ability to performing in front of large number of people by herself. In the end she can accept her past.
Apparently, She have a goddess so she remember everything about the conquest, as soon as she get a little power by hugging Keima because she is scared being watched by one of the member of Vintage (Fiore). Apollo switch with Kanon and run away from school just to get stabbed by Fiore. Her curse got from vintage spell were lifted by Vulcan and Diana. But her consciousness fly away with Kanon.

Shiori Shiomiya (汐宮 栞 Shiomiya Shiori) is a very shy and reticent 17 year old bibliophile from Majima Academy and the fourth capture target in the series.
She doesn't speak to people because she's afraid being misunderstood by people. When she does talk to a person, she accidentally combine the words from the books that she has in her hands with the words she is about to say. Since her youth, she was not able to speak with other people. Her friends claim that she's weird, which makes Shiori become a more shy person.
In the beginning of her arc. She is silent in almost every event and only finds to be reading books in her seat, somewhat similar to Keima, who ignores reality entirely in favor of games. Keima describes her as a "liberal arts person" who rarely talks but thinks twice as much as a regular person does. She tries to socialize and speak but because of her habit to over think what she is about to say, she often failed to say anything at all or, at the last moment, blurt out something that is entirely incoherent with her thought. Whenever she is insulted, however, she says the first thing that comes to mind, such as when Keima provoke her by insulting books as an imperfect medium. At the end of the arc, Keima gives her the courage to speak her mind by kissing her, allowing her to voice her objections to the committee's decision to throw away a large amount of books in favor of an audio-visual format. It is shown that she later is able to talk to other people, but has yet to learn how to pause and take a breath when speaking. She have a goddess inside of her body named Minerva

Kusunoki Kasuga (春日 楠, Kasuga Kusunoki) is the successor to the Ancient Martial Art Kasuga-Style Life and Death Technique, and also a/the only member of the Women's Martial Arts Club at Maijima High. She is the fifth capture target.
Kusunoki is an upperclassman at Maijima High who is well respected for both her beauty and strength. Beneath her tough exterior as a young woman who has lived her entire life attempting to live up to expectations as the successor to a martial arts dojo lies a teenage girl who is actually attracted to and enjoys cute and feminine things. Because of the fundamental dissonance between these two sides of her personality, Kusunoki chooses to deny the feminine part of her personality and entirely embrace the martial arts side of her life. Keima is able to help her to reconcile the differences between the two sides of her personality, both of which she ultimately accepts.
After rescuing Keima from the school delinquents, as Keima tries to walks away, Kusunoki complains to Keima that he is a male and is supposed to be able to save himself. Elsie appears, trying but failing to help Keima, she said that they were weak and she does not want to see them again. As she heads to her own classroom, Elsie's sensor went off, this was the first sign that she has a spirit inside of her body. When she arrived in her classroom she went to the balcony after seeing a cute cat. After scaring away the cat, a piece of paper flew at her. Grabbing the paper, she sees a drawing and found it to be cute. Later, Keima and Elsie observes Kusunoki practicing martial arts in the gymnasium. Despite Elsie telling Keima that it might be difficult for Keima to interact with Kusunoki, he decides to confront Kusunoki directly by asking to be her student.
One day, while she was changing her clothes in the gym locker room, she sees the same cat from before. Failing to chase away the cat this time, she was found hugging the cat when Keima entered the locker room after cleaning the gym. Surprised and angry that Keima discovered this side of her, she hits Keima and pushing him out of the room. Kusunoki then runs to the balcony with the intention of getting rid of the cat by throwing it into the air. However, the runaway spirit of her feminine self appeared at the last moment and saved the cat, this event surprise of Keima and Elsie who were spying on Kusunoki in Elsie's magic cloth. Keima tells Kusunoki that he believes that her feminine side will appear when she is exposed to cute things and that she should defeat it. Elsie suggested that they should go on a date, causing the feminine side to temporarily appear.
A day later, at Maijima Wai Wai Road, Kusunoki, dressed in a beautiful dress made by Elsie, felt embarrassed that everyone is staring at her. Keima brings her to a video game store. Kusunoki on the other hand brings him to a sports store. They felt that they cannot connect with each other this way and decided to go to a game center where they challenged each other to a semi-physical game. Later, they went to the movies and Dezinisea Land. Towards the evening they went to the Night Public Park. However, despite all their efforts, they don’t seem to be make much result. Refuse to give up, Kusunoki eventually found a way to make the spiritual manifestation appear and challenged it to a fight. During the fight, Kusunoki found out that it was not as weak she assumed, and she had trouble defeating it. To Kusunoki's anger, Keima advice her to learn to accept the part of her that likes cute things instead of trying to defeat it by fighting. After some arguing, both the manifestation and Kusunoki was convinced by Keima to accept each other. Kiss
The manifestation then went into Kusunoki's body and tries to force a kiss with Keima by controlling Kusunoki's body. Kusunoki and Keima both struggled to avoid the kiss, while the manifestation inside Kusunoki asks if she hates Keima. Realizing that she has fallen in love with Keima, Kusunoki allows the kiss, expelling the spirit from her body. After this, Kusunoki can be seen carrying a cute cat in her arm, while still pursuing to be strong.

Chihiro Kosaka (小阪 ちひろ Kosaka Chihiro) was previously known as the 6th spirit holder.
Kosaka Chihiro is claimed as a normal girl whose hobbies involve reading magazine and chasing after hot guys. Her attempts at chasing after hot guys is shown to be unsuccessful effort. However, she does not seem to be greatly affected by the rejections. She usually gets over them by the next day. Overall, she is seen as a normal nice girl through her relationship with her friends, while other times she can be very rude and harsh as shown through her words remarks toward Keima. She later reveals that she is insecure of herself, feeling that she is not very pretty, smart or athletic and wondered if she had any value to be loved by man. By attempting to date good looking boys, she thought that she would be chasing after her goal and become special because of it. After her capture arc, she decided to start a band, so that she has value.
Eventually after that, Keima is seen to be reacting madly towards her and leading to the point where Chihiro later stomps on him out of anger, calling him a cockroach. After that Keima and Chihiro eventually end up coming back together to clean up the classroom with each other by help from Takahara Ayumi. Then later she starts talk to Keima about which boy she likes. Keima wants to help her, but in the end she is seen to be showing some interest in Keima. Later that day, it got to the point that she was so in love with Keima that she eventually refuse to confess to the other boy that she previously likes. This cause Keima to become mad because everything that he has done for her was in vain. Later, Chihiro disappears and is eventually found hanging out at a ship nearby the school. She then talks with Keima, leading to the point of them kissing, causing the spirit inside her to be released and captured by Elsie. After all that, she starts the band, known as the 2-B Pencils, and asks Elsie to join.

Jun Nagase (長瀬 純 Nagase Jun) is a trainee student teacher and the 7th holder of the spirit.
She is known as a trainee school teacher for the students. She receives help from Nikaido and evenly teaches the class of her. At the beginning, at school she is deeply admired by the boys in Keima's classroom. After she saw that Keima always playing games in the classroom and rather be alone instead of playing with the other students, she decides to 'help' him. She becomes so busy 'helping' Keima that she also wishes to help the other students. She does everything she can to have Keima play with the other students around the school instead of playing games constantly. She also receives information about Keima from other teachers and is told that Keima is a calm yet troublesome student.
After Jun has acquired this information, she starts to lose a bit of hope in Keima; at this moment a spirit jumps into Jun's new gap in her heart. Elsie's sensor rings towards Jun and Keima's conquest to capture her begins. After going to the basketball club room Keima finally able to do capture in his own pace. Close to the final day of her training, because Jun is too forceful on the class, the students say that Jun is being too idealist. Hearing this, Jun loses her will to teach and runs away to the gym. Predicting this, Keima is already stationed there. As Jun cries about how she can not do anything if she push her ideals, Keima responds that she just has to press harder. After Keima continues to praise and leave, the students of her class arrives at the gym to apologize for what they said before. Having the teacher and the students once again friendly, the last day of Jun's training arrives without her seeing Keima even once. As she leaveing the school grounds, she sees Keima at the front gate. He says his farewell, and because she is happy to hear this, she kisses Keima and the spirit is released from her body. Thereafter, Jun loses her memories of her relation with Keima, except the fact that he was a troublesome student for her during the teacher-training.

Tsukiyo Kujyō (九条 月夜 Kujō Tukiyo) is a lover of the moon and the 8th holder of a spirit. She shows no interest in people whom she considers "not perfect" in her world. Her trusted sidekick and only friend is Luna which she's dreaming to go to the moon with her one day.
On their first encounter, Keima was standing on her carpet and Tsukiyo slapped Keima and sent him flying. After that, Keima told her how the way that she smacked him was necessary and shows his favorite character from his PFP Yokkyun. Tsukiyo disrespected Yokkyun and said to him that it was just a doodling. Elsie was searching for Keima, but he was left speechless because of what Tsukiyo said about Yokkyun. After that, Elsie sees Keima her sensor go off and Tsukiyo is the new holder of a spirit. Later, Elsie tells Keima that Tsukiyo is the next holder of the spirit, but Keima refuses to free her from it. Keima wants to curse her after what she said about Yokkyun. Later, Tsukiyo had been looking to the moon, but the spirit activated and she shrunk to the size of Luna.
The next days were coming and Elsie were reading the school new paper and sees that Tsukiyo have been missing since yesterday after that a guard from school has seen only carpet, tea and her telescope. Elsie have been thinking that the curse were too strong, but Keima denies that and tells Elsie that she must gonna use her sensor to locate Tsukiyo. After that the sensor were ringing at the Astronomy Club; Keima were telling Elsie that she must gonna make a replica of the key to get in. Keima then sees that Tsukiyo have been shrunken and were in shock after what he's seeing by her. Keima than changed his mind and offers to help Tsukiyo, but Tsukiyo don't want it if Keima helps her. Keima were seeing that Tsukiyo were injured to reach the Astronomy Club. Keima stands for it to help Tsukiyo before she hurts herself more.
Keima needs Elsie's help for the quest to reach the event. Elsie created a very beautiful house where Tsukiyo stays in and she were giving Keima the compliments. Later after that Tsukiyo have been taking a milk bath, she were shrinking more and were smaller than her doll Luna. After seeing that Luna were looking at her, Tsukiyo gets scared and yells for Keima's help. After that Keima appeared, she wants to sleep and after hearing that Keima have been saying that he were seeing the ending, she were mad at him. She escaped throughout the craft and were coming in one big adventure. Keima were telling Elsie that she must gonna help searching for her. We will see the beautiful things in this world together.Later than after that Keima finds her at the top of the roof, he were holding her down not to jump. After that she were fallen expediently down, Keima were chasing after her and after that Elsie were seeing that Keima and Tsukiyo were having troubles; she were been using her tub to rescue them. Later then Elsie almost forgotten to capture the soul and tells Keima that she later has seen him in a shape of a frog. After seeing that Tsukiyo were removing her carpet, Elsie were telling Keima that he has also the guts to play not games anymore, which that Keima denies that. Tsukiyo then points her telescope at the way to. In addition, she is the holder one of the goddess, Vulcan.

Minami Ikoma 井駒 みなA youthful, naive middle school girl that does not seem to know what she wants to do. She is often seen alone and lost in her own pool of thoughts about the things in life. Minami loves swimming and she is in the school's Swimming Club. However, she was only able to get picked as a third substitute for the school team. When she thought about giving up the sport, like what her friends were doing, Minami was startled to see droplets of tears from her eyes. Late after school, she comes across Keima swimming in the school pool. She becomes captivated by him, describing Keima as "shining in the night sky".[1]
Minami and her friends
Minami's arc starts in the beginning of the summer season when she takes the bus from a bus stop near her home to school. She was hoping to get into the meet for the swimming club but she is disappointed when she is selected for 3rd substitute in 100m front which means she will not be able to participate in her last meet for swimming.
She is saddened over the fact that her middle-school life turned up to be nothing. Later, she returns to the pool again for she forgotten goggles. But as she enters the pool, she sees a person (Keima) swim with a beautiful stroke in the pool. She was amazed and instantly became interested in him.
The next morning, she asks Akko and Saito if they knew the person she saw last night and gives his details. They look up in the book of famous boys in Maijima but ended up with nothing. Minami gives up but Akko and Saito persists, wanting to know who is this person. They ask their friends with their phone 'till they get a mail with an image of Keima playing with his PFP. Minami recognizes him and tells them it is him. Akko and Saito bursts out in laughter because Minami had found interest in the weirdest weirdo in the school. They also tell her rumors about him. Minami regret telling Akko and Saito about him because she is now being made fun of.
Being a Senpai is a love potion you get for FREE!
Back in Keima's class, Keima seems to be in pain after doing the fast stroke and blames it on Elsie for pulling her hagoromo too hard, making his body ache a lot afterwards. Elsie asks why Keima needs to do the stroke in the pool in front of Minami. He explains that "BEING A SENPAI IS A LOVE POTION YOU GET FOR FREE", which means that he can easily capture Minami's heart as long as he is the senior. He also explains that the "other him" is the one who is working towards this relation for him.

After failing to meet Keima during that day, Minami ends up meeting him on the bus. Staying quiet, Minami reflects on what her friends said about him compared to what she thinks about him. Her bus stop comes, and Minami tries to reach for the stop button, only to receive help from Keima. Then he tells her not to say anything about him swimming. Stunned that Keima knew she was there watching, Minami comes home with her heart throbbing. The next few days, Minami watches Keima closely to see what he is like. Though she sees that Keima is a weirdo, Minami still wonders about him. Soon enough, her friends talks about the upcoming summer festival and asks each other who they will take. Minami's friends both state that they already have someone.
Later that day, on her way home on the bus, Minami thinks about who to go with to the festival, only to think about Keima. At that very moment, she notices that Keima is standing next to her. Keima states that he noticed that Minami was following him around recently. While Minami is embarassed that Keima knew about this, Keima then asks if she would like to go with him to the festival. Minami reaches home, only to feel the heart throb. She knows now what this feeling is: love.
It is the night of the summer festival, and Minami walks at Keima's side. Feeling that her body is as light as the clouds, Minami proposes to herself that this is how it feels to be beside the person you love. The two enjoys the stalls as they walk around. Suddenly, Minami's friends appear in the background, approaching her direction. Wanting to avoid them, Minami pulls Keima away to another location of the festival. At this moment, Minami wishes to let go of Keima's hands, but he persistently holds on.
Suddenly, Keima is not by Minami's side. She wonders where he is, only to find him climbing the stairs to the top of the hill. Minami chases after him, feeling that he will leave her. Keima then tells, her that everything has to end in order to open a new world. After telling her that every end will make one stronger, and that he will always watch over Minami, Keima initiates a kiss, expelling the escaped spirit.
The next day, Minami is swimming at the pool once again. She tells her friends that she will continue swimming because she still enjoys it. Holding a water yo-yo up, Minami says that the water sparkles so nice that it feels like it is her first time swimming. Her friends ask why she has the yo-yo, but she herself also wonders why she has it. On the benches near the pool, Keima and Elsie watches Minami. Elsie is sad because the festival is over, but Keima states that they are not over, for there will be more next year and the year after. Holding up a water yo-yo, Keima looks at it with a sad expression. Elsie notices this and asks why he looks like so; Keima denies it.

Tenri Ayukawa (鮎川 天理 Ayukawa Tenri) is one of the recurring characters of The World God Only Knows series. She is a shy and reticent childhood friend of Keima, who was a former neighbor and classmate of his until the Katsuragi household relocated seven years ago because of an earthquake. She's been adoring Keima ever since the accident during this earthquake. She is also the host for the goddess Diana. She is now Katsuragi's neighbor again, this time right next-door.
Tenri and her mother visit the Katsuragi's at the start of summer vacation. As Tenri and Keima are reintroduced, both states that they do not remember each other well. The very next day, while Keima is out shopping, Diana tries to interact with Keima, but that will is changed, through Tenri's forceful ways, into accidents, ranging from having Keima almost hit by a truck or having her spill coffee over him. Soon, Diana takes over and tries to explain to Keima that she does not need any help. During the explanation, Elsie's skull sensor rings, reacting to Diana. While Keima is in confusion of what Diana is talking about, she falls off from the 2nd story they were on, but seem to walk away without any harm.
In truth, Tenri is already being hunted down by Nora, and this is what Tenri/Diana was wishing for Keima's help with. Keima wonders if Tenri has split personality, but thinks that Diana is an escaped spirit after Elsie's report that Tenri is reported to have an escaped spirit. Nora maliciously hunts Tenri, as she thinks that Tenri has an escaped spirit. After leaving Keima, Tenri goes to the seaside, where she is approached by Ryō. Ryō tries to sway Tenri into releasing her 'spirit' through a speech, but Tenri tries to run away. Nora stops Tenri and allow Ryō to continue. When Ryō is done with his speech, Nora forcibly used her abilities to scan Tenri's memory for her most hated or beloved item. Not surprisingly, Keima turns up in the scan. Nora asks Tenri if she hates or loves Keima, but Tenri does not give a clear answer. Deciding that Tenri most likely hate Keima, since Nora believes that there is more hatred than love in the world, Nora sets out to find and kill Keima.
As Keima returns home with his games, Tenri suddenly crashes into Keima. While Keima rage over his damaged games, Tenri tries to warn Keima about Nora and Ryō. Before she could finish, Keima is caught by Nora and is taken away. Ryō gives Tenri a letter, only to have his own name written wrongly. Tenri questions this, and Ryō corrects it. The letter states that Keima will be killed. Tenri and Elsie heads straight for the location where Nora and Keima are, which is again on the seaside. After Nora and Elsie have a short conversation as fellow escape-squad members, Nora scan Keima's mind, only to find a 'video' of his favorite character, "Yokkyun". Tenri chuckles, seeing that Keima hasn't changed. Nora distorts the video, making Yokkyun turn into a horrid zombie-like creature. Horrified by this Keima falls into complete anger, chasing after Nora. Keima in the end scares off Nora, temporarily.
Keima, Tenri and Elsie assembles in an empty classroom at Maijima high to discuss about Tenri's entity. During this discussion, Elsie has made 5 dummy-Keimas to stall Nora from killing him. Elsie leaves to get Haqua's help. Keima then asks if Diana is an escaped-spirit, but she only argues about why he is calling her an escaped-spirit. Right then, Nora barges in, after destroying all of the dummies. Nora swings a giant mace towards Keima, Diana blocks the mace. She and Keima escapes to the school's old theater, having Tenri reveal a secret tunnel inside the building. The two uses it to escape Nora's wrath.
While in that tunnel, Keima starts to remember about what occurred 10 years ago. Tenri starts to tell what occurred. During a field trip to the beach, Keima hid on a nearby abandoned ship. But the ship was shaken off shore by an earthquake. Tenri was also on the boat at the time. the two climb down from the ship, only to find a tunnel at the bottom. the two enters it, using Keima's countless numbers of game consoles as lights. But in the middle, the lights stop working and another earthquake occurs. Keima tries to run with Tenri, only to have a big stone fall upon his head, knocking him unconscious. While trying to wake him up, Tenri sees ghosts after ghosts, which were escaped-spirits, approaching from deeper end of the cave. Tenri is attacked by those spirits, and this is as far as she talks. Because Tenri is hesitating, Diana takes over and explains that she, at that time in the form of a spirit, lent Tenri help against the other escaped-spirits. Diana, in Tenri's body, after knocking away those escaped-spirits, ascended the cave and ended up in the old theater. The story ending there, Keima once again questions who Diana is. This time, Diana gives the answer that she's a being who sealed old hell. Right then, Nora breaks into the tunnel and interrupts the conversation. Keima and Diana runs towards the other end of the tunnel, only to end up at the seaside. Diana then reveals to Keima a small spirit, which is a binded escaped-spirit. Keima accepts it, and Diana let's Tenri regain control. The two go to a nearby ship, only to find a depressed Elsie, for she was unable to get help. Keima thinks of a plan to have Nora stop hunting him by pretending that Tenri's "Escaped-spirit" has been dispelled. He proposed by having him and Tenri become lovers

Nora arrives, with Ryō, wishing to get the Escape-spirit out through brute force. Keima then states that in truth, he and Tenri love each other. Though Keima states that this is only an act, Tenri heavily denies because of embarrassment. Nora states that she believes that the cause of Tenri's crevice in her heart is because she hates Keima. Tenri abruptly counters that, saying that she has always been in love with him. Using this flow, Keima takes Tenri and initiates a kiss. From below, Elsie releases the spirit Diana gave Keima earlier, making it look like Tenri is being dispelled of the escaped-spirit. Nora goes off to catch the escaped-spirit, only to be disappointed later on that it's only a tiny one. After the kiss, Tenri faints out of the overflow of happiness. Diana takes over and leaves, saying she'll meet Keima again someday. But that 'someday' was within the next few days, for Tenri moves next door to the Katsuragi's.

Rieko is an old lady, and the grandmother of Airi. Rieko is very caring for her granddaughter. She is like any old grandmother, kind and gentle. At her age, she felt lonely, as her friends and family have moved away or passed away over the years. This created a gap in her heart, where the spirit entered. However the spirit left easily on Elsie's plea, after learning that Rieko cannot have children anymore.
I personally think this is not even a conquest arc because Keima never build romantic relationship with her. And this is the shortest arc I have ever read
While Keima confronts Rieko's spirit, he encounters her child-self and her teenage-self. Her child-self looks exactly like Airi, while the teenage self looks more beautiful.
I personally think this is not even a conquest arc because Keima never build romantic relationship with her. And this is the shortest arc I have ever read

Sumire Uemoto (上本スミレ Uemoto Sumire) is the daughter of a ramen shop owner, and the 11th holder of a spirit.
Sumire loves to eat ramen and constantly visits the different ramen shops in the city for research in order to improve her own recipe. Before she met Keima Katsuragi, Sumire was always arguing with her father over how he manages the family's small Chinese restaurant called “Uemoto-ya” (Now known as "Sumire-ya"). Her mother used to work at this restaurant, but ran away some years ago for unexplained reasons.
During Keima's summer holidays, he is visiting Narusawa City to buy games. When Elsie, wants to taste the ramen of human world, Keima reluctantly takes her to a nearby ramen shop, where they meet Sumire. As soon as Sumire enters the shop, she orders three bowls of ramen, making Elsie unable to order anymore as the shop runs out of soup. However, Elsie is determined to taste the ramen and goes to various ramen shops throughout the city but is always one step behind Sumire who continuously orders numerous ramen. Later in front of a coffee shop, Keima and Elsie sees Sumire one more time. This time, Sumire pours coffee into an instant-ramen she has and tastes it, only to quickly spit it out as it tastes horrible. Elsie does not let this chance escape, and dashes to a nearby ramen shop. But Sumire too is heading for the same shop. Elsie stops Sumire with her celestial robe and manages to taste the ramen. Keima, however, is not interested in ramen and wonders what is so good about it, which annoys Sumire who overhears his words. Elsie's sensor picks up a signal, notifying Sumire as the next holder. However, Keima isn't too thrilled as conquest in the city is difficult.
Keima follows Sumire to an ordinary ramen shop, only to discover that Sumire is the daughter of the owner of the shop. Because of this, he decides to work in the shop to become closer to Sumire. After successfully becoming closer with Sumire, Keima helps Sumire in creating a tasty "sweet ramen". Several days later, Sumire manages to create an edible
ramen, but the father refuses to taste it and leaves. Keima then asks Sumire to make a ramen similar to her fathers. Though Sumire is hesitant if she can make it similar to her father, but she is able to make an almost-same tasting ramen as her father. This results in her father to step down and handing over the shop to Sumire. As a thanks, Sumire gives a donburi(a bowl of rice with various kinds of toppings) and a kiss, releasing the spirit. After the conquest, Sumire has attracted many customers for her "sweet ramen" where customers challenge what sweetness level they can take.

Nanaka Haibara (榛原 七香, Haibara Nanaka) is a sharp-tempered schoolgirl who recently came back to Japan from overseas. She is half-Japanese and half-French.
After the summer holidays, Keima returned to school, overjoyed that he had much more free time to play his games than during the holidays. However, it was soon interrupted by Elsie who asks Keima to join Chihiro's band to become the drummer. Keima firmly declines and says he will only be involved with the real world if it involves the spirit hunt. Just as he is about to leave, Elsie's spirit sensor activates, indicating a spirit is nearby. Not noticing anyone around, they hear someone calling out "Keima". They soon discover a girl under a bench nearby, looking for "Keima". Elsie tells the girl that Keima is standing right there, to which girl replied she was not talking about that. It seems she lost one of her shogi piece "Keima" (knight in shogi). The conversation was soon interrupted when the shogi club members came to accept the girl's challenge, and the girl reveals herself as Nanaka Haibara. Nanaka went with the club members to the shogi clubroom and was able to defeat the chief of the shogi club without breaking a sweat. As Nanaka leaves, she comments only "that person" is her opponent.
As Keima and Elsie return home, they discussed about how they should start the conquest, while Keima ponders where he saw Nanaka's uniform before. In front of his house, he notices Tenri hiding behind the café signboard and realize Nanaka is from Tenri's school. As Tenri explains that she is being chased by someone, Nanaka reappears and demands for a shogi rematch. Tenri (actually Diana) was the opponent that Nanaka was talking about. She still cannot believe that she lost to someone like Tenri. Keima intervenes. He insists on taking Tenri's place and used Nanaka's missing "Keima" shogi piece that he found as a wager for the match. Nanaka reluctantly accepts and the battle starts. Nanaka tells Keima that she had a gap in her heart because of losing to Tenri. This moves Keima as it would make his conquest a lot easier if all the girls would talk about their problems and how to solve them. Game ends with Keima's victory, where Keima immediately leaves to Tenri's house. Keima's plan was to win against Nanaka and purposely lose to Tenri, making Tenri look like a tough opponent. Then have Tenri lose to Nanaka on purpose filling her gap. However, things did not go as smoothly as hoped as Elsie blurted out that Kemia makes girls fall in love with him to release the spirit, infuriating Diana, as she sees that Keima is betraying Tenri. Diana tells Keima that she will give him a divine punishment so Keima must be serious when playing shogi. Keima agrees, reminding Diana that he would not lose to a "real god".
The battle of the gods seems well matched, with both sides playing powerful moves, however Diana soon got the upper hand and annihilated Keima. After the match, Nanaka wonders if she will be able to beat Tenri, who showed a remarkable game. But Keima lends a hand and train Nanaka so that she can defeat Tenri. The two spend after school in Keima's house where they train throughout the night. Two weeks later, Keima announces to Tenri that she will have a match with Nanaka tomorrow evening. During the match, Diana has the upper hand and utterly crush Nanaka. Nanaka is almost crying when Keima told her to do her best, comforting Nanaka but irritating Diana.
As Diana was too focused on Nanaka and Keima's bond, she misread Nanaka's piece eventually losing. That night, Nanaka celebrates the victory in Keima's house, afterwards Keima tells her that it is getting late, and she is drunk, so he walks her home. While walking on the street, the two discussed about today's match. Nanaka says that she knew she would win as she had a third "keima" (knight) on her side. Then she says that she is not drunk and decides to kiss Keima, releasing the spirit.

Yui Goidō (五位堂 結, Goidō Yui) is a girl from a rich family and the current drummer of Chihiro's band, the 2-B Pencils. She is the fourth known
Yui is first introduced the day after Diana tells Keima about her sisters and asks him for their search. Yui was thinking of music when she was walking down the stairs and because of her kimono she stumbled into Keima. After that her mother starts protecting Yui because she believes that Keima "attacked" her. The reason her mother was in the school was because she wanted to take Yui away from the Wind Instrument Music Club. When Yui and her mother were leaving Elsie appeared and she informed Keima that Yui also had an escaped spirit inside of her. Later that night Yui was angry and sad because her mother forced her to quit the Wind Instrument Music Club.
The next day Yui went to the Wind Instrument Music Club for see it one last time. She fell into Keima's trap by stepping on a ball and stumbled into Keima again. Keima tries to make a move but it went too fast and confusing for Yui. Just when he was going to correct himself, Yui's mother attacked Keima again. Despite that, Yui started thinking that Keima was a polite boy.
That night Yui had an headache while she was thinking of her encounters with Keima and wanting to meet him again. Suddenly Yui lost consciousness and when she woke up she found herself, instead of being in her house, in Keima's house. When she found out she was in Keima's body, she got quite scared and started making Keima look very feminine.
That night was one of the worst in Yui's life. She was so embarrassed being in a boy body that she did not take a bath. The next day when she met Keima again, she was escorted by him to the men bathroom. Desperately, she confided to Keima that she wanted to return to her body but got reassured by Keima it was the best idea to live out each other's life until they found out a way for return to their original bodies.
Because Yui thought Keima was a model student respected by everyone in his classroom, she angered Nikaidō sensei by voluntarily answering questions during class. Nikaidō sensei thought it was some new way Keima was trying to harass her. At Keima's home Yui shocked Mari by praising her cooking. Everyone was puzzled because they could not understand how Keima became so polite. Some, like Kodama sensei, even thought it was a trap set by Keima. After a few days, Yui was not so desperate to return to her body.
One day while she was thinking about her mother, Yuima (Yui in Keima's body) was outside of Chihiro's band room. Upon hearing the girls play music, Yuima entered the room and asked the girls if she could stay and listen. While the girls wondered what Yuima was planning by coming to their practice, Yui started thinking how she has loved music since she was a little girl and how her mother deprived of her most beloved thing. Her joy for being able to freely listen to music was reflected on Keima's face. Disgusted by the expression Yuima displayed, and suspicious of her intentions, Ayumi and Chihiro hit Yuima. Noticing that there was no drum in the band, Yuima asked if she could be the drummer. Yuima went to the Wind Instrument Music Club and got a drum set. Ayumi and Chihiro argued over who should chase Yuima out of the club, as each not wanting to be the one. Yuima demonstrated her drumming abilities to the girls, leaving them astounded. After a short practice session with the drums, Miyako praised Yuima for her drumming, while Ayumi and Chihiro reluctantly allowed Yuima practice with them again. Yuima continued practice with the other girls letting them think that Keima changed for the good.
Two days later, Yui was worried because Keima was not going to school. She decided to visit Keima in her own home, but was kicked out. That night, Yui thought about how good a time she has in Keima's body. However she felt that it was not fair to Keima, to have to live in her home which she deemed unpleasant. The next day, she tried to visit Keima again, but her mother prevented her from seeing him. At school, she was invited to practice with the band again. While practicing, a paper plane made of a piece of her kimono with a note on it was sent to her from Keima using Elsie's magic. The note states that Keima wants to meet her. Yui being sure about her feelings, sneaks into to her house at night to see Keima again. When they finally meet, Yui was confronted by her mother again. This time, she was able to stand up to her mother. She kissed Keima, causing the hole in her heart to close and make the spirit leave her body. With the spirit gone, Yui and Keima return to their respective bodies.
The next day while Keima was being beaten up by Chihiro and Ayumi, Yui appeared with a new look: her hair tied up in a long tail, and dressed in a boy's uniform. She asked the girls to allow her enter the band. Mistaking her for a boy and not wanting another boy to join the band after their bad experience with Keima, they refused. After she convinced them that she was a girl, they accepted her into the band.

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