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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

[Escu:de] Akatoki! -Yume Koso Masare Koi no Mahou- (JAP)

Title: Akatoki! -Yume Koso Masare Koi no Mahou-
Original Title: あかときっ! -夢こそまされ恋の魔砲-
Developer: Escu:de
Genre: ADV, RPG
File Size : 2,56 GB
Release Date: 2010/12/23


“This world will now be ours!” With those words, various things called ‘kurayami’ appeared. It’s as if they came straight out from a fairy tale, since they were somewhat cute robots, dolls and miniature cars. The police and self-defence forces somehow were scared of these weird things and ran away. However, humans have not given up as there is one way of defeating the kurayami… with magic! In Akatoki, there is a magic academy that specializes in training students to become magic users. Mayuto isn’t that skilled in magic, but he gets dragged into it since his childhood friends Miyu and Yuuji all aim to be magic users.

hmm... I just played this game earlier...

got the Tsundere Route, Lily-chwaaaan... (as expected)

after going on for a while...


there's this sh1t again... damn it

Protagonist (Mayuto): *patting her head*
Lily: "Stop that, please don't treat me like a little girl"
Protagonist: "but you like it, don't you?"
Lily: "Ugu..."
*sit on his lap*
Lily: "this is better ^^"
Protagonist: " wa wa wa..."

oh boy... here we go...
immediately close it and make this post... meehhh...

hmm, this VN is RPG... turn-based one...
will remind the system of FF X... you can delay your opponent turn by attacking them, various Equipment, Skills, and Status Effect... you can hook it perfectly using ITH, don't worry, all of the description can be hooked, and now it depends on your ability to understand it~

Check the VIDEO first, FAGGOTS!


CG Sample


the Battle

hmm, did I forgot to say that if the girls are attacked, some part of their clothes are ripped off??

the rest are finishing attack of the girls

ah who is Lily? this girl

that's kinda weird eyes... when she's doing her Attachment...

I forgot our stupid Protagonist, Mayuto...

Download Links

oh boy... it's this kind of VN again...
you shaddup
hai hai.. wakatta



  1. Is there no english version for this game!! then how i wanna translate it!! teach me pls..

  2. http://craneanime.blogspot.com/2010/11/tutor-how-to-install-play-vn-from-this.html


    see those two

  3. you're not blind aren't you?
    scroll down or see at the right side

  4. http://www.mediafire.com/?eyw50kw9zwh3s

    Can you post it?


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