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Sunday, July 10, 2011

[Download] CraneAnime's 3r0 Pack part I

I'm doing this to make sure there's something that you can f4p to... here... at /cr/ channel
and also as an apology for the things ... yes iro iro...
I flag this post as /cr/ 3r0 pack part I (or known as June Pack) ... and more will come later
as for now, there's
the first pack here=> http://www.craneanime.com/2011/07/cr-3r0-pack-1.html
the 2nd pack here=> http://www.craneanime.com/2011/07/cr-3r0-pack-2.html
the 3rd pack here=> http://www.craneanime.com/2011/08/cr-3r0-pack-3.html
the 4th pack here=> http://www.craneanime.com/2011/11/cr-3r0-pack-4.html
the 5th pack here=> http://www.craneanime.com/2012/03/cr-3r0-pack-5.html

the first game is this one: HERE NSFW!
at least you can find some tags at VNDB


the 2nd one: actually a little NSFW, but the first one above is safe though
see VNDB for info, even though nothing can be found



softhouse seal game

ah.. in case you don't see this youtube vid...
let me tell you something... that Softhouse-seal is a nukige... (well both of them are) but onee-san (softhouse seal game) is ANIMATED!!!
so it's moving... yeah it's moving guys

this is the softhouse-seal one... typical softhouse seal indeed


and this one is from A-kaguya

Download Link

am I trolling someone?:bloon:
I'm not...
coz years mean hours for me

and also don't ask about language...check VNDB first before asking anything
or you'll be ignored



  1. wah, gambarnya bagus...
    BTW game nya resolusinya berapa ? 800x600?

  2. susah juga installnya.. ==

  3. ???

    please check our newbie guide and FAQ before downloading... -_-

  4. kk ini ada english translation ny gk?? ato aku pake AGTH ma Atlas aja?? thanx!! ^W^

  5. susah ya kalo ngecek VNDB nya dulu?

    sudah di kasih di atas link tinggal klik

  6. why i can't open install the Onee-chan Eroero Chuuihou ~Aieki no Daikouzui~ game ?i already download Setup001-003+setup.exe.but i still can't install it ?
    Help me

  7. yes i already change my system to japanese.I already join Setup001-003 and download SETUP.exe.Where did i missing ?

  8. ?

    join 001-003 and you will get one setup file..

    I can't check it coz Mf is down

  9. yes i already join 001-003 and be SETUP-1 Bin File.After that i try to compress it with Daemon Tools and it says "Invalid or unknown image file format!"

  10. compress?
    what are you doing?

    download the setup.exe
    and put the exe and bin on the same folder, execute the setup.exe

  11. thank you i know where is my problem.Thanks

  12. somehow when i try to install something pops out on installation.... and cant install the 2nd game

  13. any screenshots of it?

    did you change you system locale to japanese?

  14. arrrghhh~~ too much H scane~
    but i like it hyahhaha~
    btw thanks~

  15. Need some help.

    I downloaded the 3 setups and the .rar but they are in video(?) formats? Cuz they appear as realplayer icons.

    I got the actual set up application and have gone past the point of selecting where i want to have the game installed, but i dont have a disc mounted on daemon tool. and no where can i find one to mount.

  16. ???

    not video dude...

    argh, newbie should go to newbie-guide first

  17. The files are Corupted? when trying to install the data is corupted I think. I perfectly know how to extract and start it but the files are corupt when installing. and the rar one is also corupted when extracting.

  18. It's just not working, thats all, Im not a newbie too.

  19. e..ummm...the icon.ico in the folder not found?..please reupload...and thanks

  20. repair it, if you're not a newbie you must know how to repair

  21. @Dwi edge

    Each time i dl'd it off Media fire it came out as a Realplayer file

  22. @anon: what the???
    it's a bin file, you must mount it first, THAT's WHY I SAID TO READ THE NEWBIE GUIDE FIRST

  23. I have, and I'm sure I know what I'm doing since I've downloaded a lot of games already.

    I know its suppose to be a bin file. I check the media fire folder for the other games in the Pack as well.

    The other 3 games are having the same issue where the files I downloaded are not Bin. but in another format.

    You can forget about this issue. I can see that I am the only one having this problem. I'll try and resolve it myself.

    THanks for your continual help and patience.

  24. i change my sistem to japanese but,the first game says something of the exe and the second game sometihng of readfg.idx...please help me

  25. The problem is...how to fix it. dont have anything to fix it...

  26. First I change system to japanese, DONE
    Second I download all bin,exe,icon, DONE
    Third I join the 3 bin into 1, DONE
    Fourth I exucute SETUP, DONE
    Lastly I begin to install but then something pops out in Japanese but I know it is saying some kind of error, so I cant install.

  27. This is what it shows

    D:\softhouse-seal\お姉ちゃんエロエロ注意報 ~愛液の大洪水~\お姉ちゃんエロエロ注意報 ~愛液の大洪水~.exe コピー元のファイルを読み込み中にエラーが発生しました。: コピー元のファイルが壊れています。. もう一度やりなおすには「再試行」、このファイルをスキップして続行するには「無視」(推奨されません)、インストールを中止するには「中止」をクリックしてください。
    Abort Retry Ignore

  28. ah yeah, bin, exe, icon (is not necessary)
    join the bin file using HJsplit, and you'll get a .BIN

    after that put the bin,exe,and icon into a folder and execute the exe

  29. hmmm don't know if only I got this problem, but the error just keep popping out. oh well guess I'll just have to give up.

    Oh and the first game I think which is "[110624] [Harahara].rar.001" has only one .001

    Ii there any other parts, like .002 & .003? Since I finish using HJsplit and then extracting there is an error.

  30. The harahara link is dead long ago...

  31. do i need to download all the files in media file cuz if i only wanted to play this is it the right choice to download the setup only,or i am mistaken?

  32. ...
    at least you need to have some brain in order to do this...

    read the newbie guide

  33. is the game working properly even with out the harara link?

  34. this is 2 game in one post

    not 2 game in one


  35. i join all the setup to one then put them all together in one folder(Bin,exe,icon) but i can't download it cuz there is something blocking it its in jap so i cant read much but it looks like a disk or something ,can someone help me w/ my problem!!!

  36. i change it to jap,and join the setup.bin.001-.003 to one folder then add the setup.exe and i can't seem to find what is wrong it keeps blocking my installment that cd thing like....

  37. http://a7.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/398385_111444898975772_100003307883851_67694_450021473_n.jpg , this looks like a crap but its all i got...

  38. press printscreen in your keyboard, open paint and press ctrl+v ..
    save as "faggot.jpg"

    and that's not how you post screenshoot, I mean the error

  39. thx thx... so i get this kind of error what do you think is the problem

  40. your brain...

    I need the screenshoot of the error

  41. http://a8.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/398693_113316788788583_100003307883851_74067_405850682_n.jpg , is this one or wrong again?

  42. yep, that's correct, but use imgur.com next time

    1. your system locale japanese? (I think you are, but just in case)
    2. use Hjsplit to join the 001-003?
    3. use the correct filename, don't you dare to rename those files... that Setup (1) is wrong

  43. wow you really are great but now i keep getting this....http://i.imgur.com/blClP.png , what now HELP~!

  44. your system locale is not japanese

    read the newbie guide

  45. i change my locale to japanese long ago so i dont have any problem with that.

  46. im sure bout my locale, maybe it is another problem?

  47. nah, I'm not sure...

    try to put all of them into one folder (the setup.bin and setup.exe)
    and once again execute the setup...

  48. i try it again but still not working...maybe the setup is wrong and i need a crack like something?

    1. no...
      maybe some file got deleted by MF

      nah, I forgot

  49. can it be fix? please fix and update me if possible, thx....

  50. hmm, by system locale, I mean the administrative language, not the format or the location

  51. is that the problem on this one?

  52. ak newbie
    ak lyt d newbie guide gk d tulis passwordnya ad dmn

  53. passnya ak sdh tw dmn
    in hrs d download jg ta [110624] [Harahara].rar.001 ?

  54. ah, not you don't need to download that harahara, since it's broken

  55. why i can't install it ?
    i have join them with HJslip and put the join part in the same folder with setup

  56. is there any possible link on the part 004..?

    1. so part 004 is doesn't exist anymore? is there any possibilty that you re'up this game one more?

  57. ano...for the part 1,the size just only 900mb ? or i must download all part to play it ?


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