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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

[Akabei-Soft2] Tamayura (Jap)

bla bla bla...
something happen in the chatbox and Kai is done with this post, so let's just get on...


Title : Tamayura
Original title : 魂響
Aliases : たまゆら
Length : Medium (10 - 30 hours)
Developer : Akabei Soft2



Touma busily lives everyday with Kasumi and Nami. One day, they receive an offer. That is to exorcize a monster. And they go hunting at night as usual. But, the monster is too tough to beat, and Touma and Kasumi get injured. Nami tries to beat it up by herself to protect Touma and Kasumi, but she is defeated...


CG Sample


really, old thing is old...:aghh:
I don't really like old VN, even though they're good..:swt:
but maybe this one's an exception :top:



  1. It does not look too old though...

  2. it may not but if u try to find and download, it is almost impossible to find

  3. @kai: I do have some links on them... restricted to some country though =_=


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