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Friday, June 3, 2011

[Clochette] Kamikaze☆Explorer! (Jap)

to hell with your request, I'm doing this on my own will
hoe hoe, who give you the permission to post this using my ID:kuning:
me, my self:hero:
hooo... getting cocky now huh?:tampan:
hell yeah I am:elegan:

Japanese Title: カミカゼ☆エクスプローラー! 初回限定版
Romanji: Kamikaze☆Explorer!
Release Date: 2011/05/27
Compañy: クロシェット


In the near future, the living areas for humans reduce due to climate and terrain changes. As if in unison, some of the younger generation develop special powers called Metis. There are many types of Metis, from magic barriers to being able to breathe under water. Suminoe Gakuen was constructed to train and develop those students with Metis. Keiji doesn’t have any powers, but he was scouted by an agent from the school and ends up attending the school. He is then recruited into Argonaut, a club for helping people with their problems. One day, they hear about a strange rumour about the recently developed Kamigase-shi…




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Author's Words

good for people who love big boobs, :malu:or the one who want to develop their fetish of Kyonyuu
joking aside, the characters are solid, the pace and the interaction are enjoyable...
even my friend who's an regular VN player confused about deciding which route to be finished first, all of the heroine are interesting...:kenyang:
ah, H-Scene from Clochette are great, it's rather weird that they never release Nukige (H based game) oh my gosh... just make oneeeee :ngambek:
and he said (my friend) "it'll be perfect if they released a breast reduction patch"
ahaha... :haha:
why must you become the one who fill the Author's words section?
isn't this post mine?
like the hell I care, B~A~K~A! :cerutu:
and it's not like this post is yours, you're using my ID again, sh*t!:oii:
aaa... can't argue with that :onion-07:

so let's finish this with FINITOO!! :shoot:
ah whatever... :lalala:



  1. For the 2nd links with the drama CD it says error on the 3rd pt...
    Is the 1st link and 2nd link interchangeable?

  2. try this one: http://www.mediafire.com/?5mkp5jvfm9cew

  3. Yeah....
    That folder is the one with the problems
    So far pt 3 and 6 has error screen

  4. hmm...
    first: it's not my link...
    my link is the first one

    second: I'll try to contact the uploader, while you can choose to reDL my link or waiting

    third: yes, it's not INTERCHANGEABLE

  5. The differences between folder 1st n the 2nd is only the Drama CD, right?

  6. OK~

    But is the drama CD only last few links?

  7. I'm trying to hook agth up to this game, but it seems to keep crashing. Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

  8. try ITH

  9. 13th and 21st parts are password protected. Would you kindly share it with me?

  10. Is there an english patch for this game?

  11. Can you tell me what it's the password to this link?: http://www.mediafire.com/?a88q875vo8jo5i5 it's the only link i can download because i don't have the password :S
    Thanks in advance.

  12. dude, i can't find the password

  13. I need the pass for the 13 and 21 part!

  14. I'm getting problems to download the part 8
    I get the lowest speed and my download is aborted after some minutes.

  15. about the bonus cd, (KP_Drama) it give me some pic, .cue and .wav
    is the cd just audio cd or video cd? because it's give me nothing but audio narration when i mount it.

  16. There i was happy ready for download then it hits me there's no part 11? care to explain

  17. Dwi-edge~san
    can i ask for the save file?
    can't find ot on the internet

    1. Have a try

    2. hoah
      arigatou Sougo~san

      used up tp 30minutes to find the path
      hountoni arigatou ^,^

  18. mediafire error, did this have another back up?

  19. hai,,
    do you know how to change chracter from himekawa fuuka to anyelse????

    1. yes. to replace character

    2. ooh sorry my english not good.
      how to change its storyline from Fuuka to another??????????

    3. hmm, find the walkthrough (by googling)
      and read there~

  20. cant find download anywere i registerd and everything but still cant find download any chance of sending me a link that works so i can? thanks


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