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Sunday, June 19, 2011

[Kiss] Custom Reido 4 (with CR4+ and Update) (Jap)

well, one game which is kinda interesting to me.. it just like custom maid 3D (of course.. it's from the same developer) the gameplay is like custom maid 3D where you can design your own character and do *ahem* some *ahem* thing to them... but the different is there's a tower defence part... and it's kinda good.... (there's a stats bar too so if you change the hair style or eye style the stats bar will change too) well enough with the useless chat.. and here it goes... Custom Reido 4 (the cover is NSFW so let's stick with the title)
Title: Custom Reido 4
Original Title: カスタムレイド4
Developer + Publisher: Kiss
Release Date: 30-04-2010 (it's CR4) but this post is about CR4+ too

I'm fixing this first :listen:




One day, a devil, which has been sealed up for a long period of time, suddenly comes out and starts destroying the world. To prevent him from coming back to life completely, humans need to protect the magical school, which keeps the soul of the devil. The key to fighting against the devil is inexperienced soldiers since they will absorb the power when they have sex with someone powerful. The main character is the one who injects the power....


Some Screen Shot


Download Links


Author's note

there's an patch or update for this game.. if I'm not mistaken the title is Custom Reido 4+ I already downloaded it.. but haven't played it...
for the download links??? let's wait for Dwi_Edge to fill it for me
Oh yeah.. if you want to install the CR4+ you have to have the previous version which is CR4, so you have to download both of them

done done done



  1. Replies
    1. Can you please upload the V and V+ to MF? Really want this. Will be eternally grateful of you Ser Dwi.

    2. I already told the uploaders, maybe they can do it

  2. i will upload it... one more part and i'm done...

    1. I looked everywhere but coldn't find it. You're my god.

    2. it keep saying that folder not found,can you please do something about it?

    3. please read the "ANNOUNCEMENT" up there anon

  3. [100430]_Custom_Raid_4.part04.rar is the only part im having problems downloading, its super slow, like dlding at 10 kb/sec or not even starting :( (all the others downloaded at normal speed) is there any way to fix this?


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