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Thursday, June 30, 2011

[Underlip] Boin Super Pack (JAP)

this is one of the SFW pic that I can found... really.. it's hard to find SFW Cover

Name:Boin super pack
Cover: http://i56.tinypic.com/288wkkj.jpg
VNDB for Boin Super Pack

it's actually Boin and Resort Boin...Also includes games:
おさわりBOIN~ミカ編~ (Osawari Boin ~Mika Hen~)
おさわりBOIN2 電車でBOIN ~なお&みつぐ編~ (Osawari Boin 2 Densha de Boin ~Nao & Mitsugu Hen~)

two short flash game... meh... we need moar... moar of that boing2... ehehe...

Download Links

that's all..

I lost too much blood due that boing2...



  1. All download link is dead
    could you Re-upload Please...

  2. Replies
    1. if you're still interested i can upload Resort Boin (Boin2), if you are, tell me soon, cause my holidays are over soon and it'll take some time to up.
      And I said upload and not reup, because I got the game at that time from some other website, it's most likely the same but oh well sometimes there are tiny differences....doesn't matter, the game is playable, already checked it.
      (I'm not an uploader or sth, just trying to be nice^^)

    2. I want the boin super pack not just resort boin

  3. sry i just have boin2 but since u asked so nicely I may LURK on c interwebz and post here when I also have Boin1...
    The pack includes just the games or also the OVAs? Cause I also have the OVAs.

    1. nope, just all the boin games + 2 mini games

    2. I found you some nice stuff: The complete pack
      Getting it from the pirrrrrates....well I still have to check whether the games from that version really run, but if everything works out well, I'll reup this in...3days or sth.

    3. read our latest post in order for you to help in reuploading

    4. ok i got it, the installer works fine and the games are playable, except Boin1.
      Since it's a rip from the original DVD i guess a NoDVD patch is needed (dunno why resort boin works though), but i can't find that on the interwebz.

      I'm right now looking for other versions of Boin1, maybe some might have that patch or a crack included, but there aren't many versions and if that doesn't works, I'll have just Resort Boin + Mini games....
      Oh also some other versions included extras like gallery CGs, OVAs and such stuff, I wonder if I should include that, but I guess you just want the games xD
      Well I'll do my best to find a working version of Boin1...

    5. if you want to include it, then do it~

      anything's fine as long the combo is complete

    6. damn it I was being a baka-.-
      I finally figured out that the version I had/have was ok, the reason it didn't work was that my system was configured wrong (I didn't notice at first, since ALL other japanese VNs/Games worked fine with these settings until now)
      Well I'm uploading the pack right now, since the media faiar upload sucks at speed I'll most likely upload 2 files a day, so I'd be finished in about two weeks, maybe a little longer...

    7. Wait how did you make the settings work? I have the same problem.

  4. how do u make the setting work pls tell me too!! thx


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