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Sunday, May 29, 2011

[Navel] Ore-tachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai


and now when the anime's airing, people tend to play the VN...
hehe... and that's when we shine... CraneAnime time to shine

A big city filled with people and buildings.... It is now winter.... When you look up, there is the cold white sky. Young people with anxiety. Love. This is just a story you can find anywhere....

This might just be a "what if" but, A certain day, Gretagard's pure white sky was overrun by winged ones. Now, the sky extends just about anywhere and everywhere, right? So no matter how far you run, you can't escape those white wings of theirs. And that's why the people without wings went looking for a sky of their own. Their prayers were listened, and they are now listening to "Jingle Bells" in a calm country--- This might just be a "what if" but,What we will tell you about now, is such a fairy-tale.

Official website

4th place at best eroge 2009 by 2ch
Ore tachi ni tsubasa wa nai
Released 24/04/2009 by Navel
S: Scenario = 89
C: Character, Voice = 64
G: Graphics, effects = o
M: Music = o
P: Playability = o
H: The ero in the game on a scale of 1 to 5, averaged out = 1.94

total : 329pts

I don't know how they count this points... but it's fourth place

ah, the red Dwi_Edge is on vacation, and he's not playing around the beach or anything. He shut himself in his room and finishing some translated VN and he's said that I should finish this post. Actually it's a PAIN but whatever.:yareyare:
yeah2, and look above, I add MF link:fufufu:
wooowww... sasuga Dwi_Edge:sembah:
yeah, all hail me :elegan:



  1. Password for MF link ?? Can u give me ??

  2. Is this series still not

  3. By the way sory for boring question!

  4. what's the pass for the folder? Sry i know it's a lame question....

  5. umm for some reason I'm not able to download it.. if possible, please fix the links :(

    1. if you see the "tags" first at the forum topic, you can see the "dead link" tag

  6. Man I really tried to find the pass for the safelink but im still cannot find it... could you tell me please....

  7. where/how can i download game

    1. it's tagged as alive at the forum, register first at erojiji


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