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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

[AliceSoft] Daiteikoku (Partial Engrish/RPG)

why I'm doing this first? coz some people (that play Daiteikoku) coming here looking for ITH guide... and I just don't feel right to not posting about the game ... ehehe

and btw, this is not one of the best eroge Alicesoft ever made... -_-
many people are disappointed by this game...
but well, I do enjoy posting it (not playing it though ... ehehe)
sa.. let's start


Full Cover

Release : 2011/04/28
Kanji : 大帝国
Romaji : Daiteikoku (BIG EMPIRE)
Genre : SLG, RPG
File Size : 2.43 GB
Developer:Alice Soft



no matter what others developer said, ALICESOFT is EROGE maker!

and there's Rance here ^^
Question: "what is the trick to avoid Rance? He attacked me once when I conquered a few states of Russia, but after Russia defeated Germany. He didn't appear anymore."

Answer: You can avoid Rance simply by NOT attacking Hawaii,Arabia,or the 2nd Russian territory above japan BEFORE turn 30. If you avoid him, beware that warp gate part 2 WILL NOT show up, and your ending choices will be limited."


Years before the Universe was United, small Human fractions dotted parts of the vast Universe. Individual States were established and navigating to other areas of the Solar system required a few hundred years. Contact with other countries was virtually impossible.

Soon the Eris Empire noted the strange stars that existed in the space region. As their Research advanced, they discovered that these stars can move instantly from one area to another area.

Labeling it the “Warp Gate” This allowed many stars systems that had been isolated to make first contact with each other and so began the Age of Discovery.

Through some aggression and conquest, repeated destruction and submission, the Nations began to build civilizations from one star to the next.

The “Star field network Diagram” – Became the New World Map.

In 939 AD Space unity.

Nations asked why the leaders of the three powers are seeking power.

The National Eris Empire Council is the worlds largest empire able to restore the world order and suppress chaos.

Imperial Japan was the world's oldest nation, and worn out during the prolonged war with the Chinese empire, it is the largest one being targeted.



History daiteikoku version

Character Movie


source: here
Great Japan Empire - not much to say, protagonist Togo Tsuyoshi, based on famed Japanese navy admiral Togo Heihachiro (1904-1905 Russo-Japanese War).

Mikado, Empress of Japan


Aeris Empire (Great Britain) - throughout the vast colonies of the Aeris Empire, governors are mistreating the natives (read Apartheid) and revolts escalating. The bishoujo queen of Aeris is desperately trying to hold her decaying empire from falling apart.

Sarah Britain - Queen of Aeris


Dokutsu 3rd Empire (Germany) - suffered humiliation in the previous war, and is now led by a genius blond teenage girl motivated to restore honor. She is groomed by her propaganda minister lady to be a popular idol.

Lydia Adolf - President of 3rd Reich


Human Unified Organization Soviet (Soviet Union) - A silver-haired loli (Catherlin chan = Catherine the Great + Stalin?) toppled imperial Russia, and founded the Human Unified Organization. She wants to make everyone in the world equal…

Catherlin - chairwoman of Human Unified Org


Gamerican Republic (America) - ruled by a puppet president, manipulated by a secret society (read Freemason) formed by the super rich beautiful gals.

Minor Factions:
Italin Republic (Italy)
Ofrance Kingdom (France)
Chinese Empire
Nordic Union
Kingdom of Spain
Ottoman Empire? (Turkey)
Various colonies (India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Kanya, South Africa, Canada, etc)




actually the generals/admirals guide

guide from Alicesoft


MF by Jii-san
well, your troops are larger and stronger...

TA helper Script
help you to play the game smoothly (I mean by using TA + TA helper)

Custom Admirals
from hf
level god viris: http://www.mediafire.com/?6ne8omn688d10fe
seyadatara: http://www.mediafire.com/?giyg67iyv4w5vl4
Mouri Teru: http://www.mediafire.com/?fwfe51xilblauct
Lisna: http://www.mediafire.com/?poc5lkbl5tl02if
Isorokufrom rance series: http://www.mediafire.com/?6drryyffd461d6m
Kira Yamato from Gundam SEED, http://www.mediafire.com/?jkz3ggsspgrb1da
Shiho Hahnenfuss from Gundam Seed, http://www.mediafire.com/?rbj0fg3ibsrrroa
Senhime (rance) : http://www.mediafire.com/?6sd4pazrukma8pa
Masou Shizuka from Rance:http://www.mediafire.com/?dc3qyzp25t9ki94
Kameira from Rance:http://www.mediafire.com/?32n4ajh3xqawm93
Anise from Rance : http://www.mediafire.com/?pl3qnpbwl0c2d39
Beat Blades Haruka, Alice:http://www.mediafire.com/?papyt3dl5bd332z
Generic female admirals:http://www.mediafire.com/?marx6yub5ec3dyb
Uesugi Kenshin from Rance:http://www.mediafire.com/?1718y7ih5e9u9ql
Core route violated heroines:http://www.mediafire.com/?sy2zwhrq00j0cjk
Yoshika Miyafuji (Strike Witches? NSFW): http://www.mediafire.com/?on111y7ek094o9i

moar Custom Admirals
Vaan (FFXII) NobunagaKino (Kino no Tabi), Kouji Kabuto (Mazinger Z) Kira and Arthrun (Gundam Seed)

if you're wondering what the hell with this custom generals, see Charl below ^^

Charlotte custom savefile: http://www.mediafire.com/?r6484x6a4jaw4qv

Ending List

I think it's not complete, coz my friend got another ending which not listed there

Download Links

Install the game
update to 1.02
Install the english patch

61 Mb, with 461 pics, size: 800x600

Patch v 1.02
please backup your files before patching... to avoid things that may affect the game
Update Contents

・Scout function implemented
You can scout the enemy planet information that is nearby to your controlled planet via Planet Information by clicking the Scout button which is added via patch.

・Emergency repair function implemented
During the Admiral list, you can restore admiral's HP by clicking the Emergency Repair button which will cost you some resources.

・Reconstruction function implemented
By using Technical point you can rebuild other buiding via Planet Information by clicking the buiding icon.
※However, Fish Market which is built on the planet can't be rebuild to other buildings.

・Save Shortcut function implemented
You can use F1 key to save the game when new turns begins and before the invasion battle initiated.
※Conversation scene unable to use this function.

・Save/Load Shortcut key added
During Battle Phase map, you can use F5 Key for Save and F6 Key for Load.

・Build/Sell battleship button added
It is possible to build/sell battleship when you arrange battleship for admirals by clicking the button located beside your available battleships.

・Fish available for new game
After clearing any ending, when you start a new game, you will be prompted wheter to include the fish that you gains during previous game play or not. Only 1 quantity for each type of fish is given.

・Admiral's status implemented
During Admiral list you can view where the admiral is, and the admiral is moved or not.

・Battleship status during assignation to admiral implemented
You can view the battleship's status you assigned to admiral via popup window.

・Enemy take damage meter implemented
When you enter the phase to select enemy to attack, indicator will prompt you which enemy can be OHKO or not.

・Self-made admiral available
To use this function, create a folder named [UserCharacter] under [SaveData] folder. In it you can insert your self-made admiral files into it.
※Please refer to Daiteikoku home page for more details about how to create admiral data.

・Event added
・Battleship added

・Event-trigger method fixed
・Scenario text fixed
・Berlin's battlefield setup changed
・Battle Effects fixed
・Admiral skill [超能力]'s effect didn't occur fixed

WARNING: 1.01 and earlier save game will not compatible with 1.02 patch, however the overall save game such as CG save, Event save and Fish save will works fine with 1.02

fiuh... it sure is tiring...
this post will be updated later... stay tune /cr/ fags ^^



  1. Seems like this one is a nice game, any news about someone doing this translation?

  2. why don't you form one and organize it?

    many people asking for it, and there's some people willing to translate them, just wait for someone to pick all of the team and do it

  3. Ist there a torrent somewhere?

  4. what is the password for part5 on mediafire folder. Thanks for sharing this great game.

  5. thank you for helping me get this game, i love alice soft games xD
    please tell me if the full English patch comes out

  6. Is the complete english patch out yet?

  7. ??

    the prologue and the introduction of every big nation

  8. Do you have a custom admiral saves? It's troublesome, coz i have played it with the english translation, and the custom admiral that you provide is for japanese version thx be4

  9. when you're at the main menu (usually before turns)

    there's option to save...

  10. is part2.004 file unavailable atm? I cant download that part. is it unavailable or just Mediafire troll? (check for 2 days yet still unavailable)

  11. Lol.
    I get an error during install at around 27%. Running Windows 7 32 bit.
    Obviously, installation in admin mode. Do Japanese characters need be to enabled for install?

    Checked all the part files as well, they're all the corresponding sizes.
    Using Daemon Tools virtual drive for CD mounting.

  12. Do Japanese characters need be to enabled for install?

  13. can you give the guide to customize the admiral ??? like kira yamato and the other on above

  14. just wanna ask, during the event nubobo bacteria the game suddenly stop and some pop up appear. is this only happen to me or everyone too...thanks..

    1. so..any solution for that?? I already re-install the game..

    2. Yap..only at nubobo bacteria event..
      can you give me other solution?

  15. hmm, I can't help you since I have not played daiteikoku yet...

    try asking somewhere else

  16. Can you tell me the password please...
    I use smartphone so cant se the pass

    1. I use PC and I don't care about f^cking smartphone user

      the phone is smart and the user is stupid

    2. sorry I already Use My Laptop so I can see the following Pass,
      Anyway Tq for Share this great Game

  17. Hei Tell me the The recomended Spec

    1. hmm?

      as long yours is not primitive enough to play it, I guess any normal Laptop/PC can do this just fine

  18. I downloaded the files, but when i try to unrar the files, it doesnt work, i redownloaded them too, any advice?

  19. Iam sorry File part2.002
    I cant download it....
    please tell me why...
    coz the donload cant progrees

  20. I encountered a problem installing it.. Here's a picture of the problem: http://www.mediafire.com/?p8dy2uxlx88usun What shuld I do?? :(

    1. read the newbie guide... you'll notice that you're missing the most important point

    2. May I ask where is the newbie guide?? I cant seem to find it.. :(

    3. Thanks.. I found it.. Btw, great game. Thanks for sharing.. :)

  21. Wow perfect thanks for hard work :D :D

  22. Hey

    Thanks for the hard work!

    Just a quick one... tried downloading from MediaFire and the Daiteikoku part 1.rar.004 is not working... can you please have a look?


  23. tk for sharing.My english is very bad.Your's pass is fun.

  24. where / how do i install the english patch?

  25. The link for the patch 1.02 is down and I can't find another one.
    Please help.

  26. I don't know if it's true or not, but I found the patch. Here:

    Hope it works

  27. use the password for Chyvalle's but "[110428] [ALICESOFT].part1.rar.002" can't unlock

  28. do you have trainer this game cuz, it's hard for me

    1. no, but there's some direction at alicesoft wikia

  29. The filesonic link with the Cgs requires a username and password, any help?

  30. eeto.... can someone re-upload this game or the crack file? T^T i want to

    play it so much...

    if your answer is "can't", can any nice guy link/tell me about another

    website that can get this game?

    and this is unfair! i just started to know about what is Visual Novel,just

    a few week ago...and the ****ing FBI made SOPA....sigh...

    Please and Thank you.

  31. How amusing...
    Filesonic disabled files-sharing...

  32. Can you reupload this game?

  33. I've found the link for this game


  34. Thanks a bunch....................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. argh cant find a download link anywhere, the one you provided according to media its empty, the anonymous links ^ broken to :(

  36. Something's wrong with part 7. I can't download it :T

  37. Can someone please give me a link to download English patch because I have the old file

    1. Go in here:

    2. if it isn't so obvious already, the project is dead

    3. The Project is not DEAD someone has retake the project and do it from scratch

  38. would you upload the v.1.02 patch separately ?

    i have the game, yet didn't have the patch. tried mr.google and the results is usually either removed file or DMCA violation :/

  39. What's translated actually? 35% might be 1 or 2 routes, or might also be 1/3 (a few) of everything.
    Translators usually finish a route before start another (for exactly this motive), but how am I supposed to know which route I can see entirely in english? 'Cause I can't read japanese at all...
    Did I miss some information here? I searched at web but couldn't find anything either... (nothing but the fanboys and haters comments lol)
    "i have the game, yet didn't have the patch. tried mr.google and the results is usually either removed file or DMCA violation :/"
    I'm downloading by torrent, actually. Not sure from what site: there were tons of.

    1. It seems the link for the patch 1.02 from here is crashed. Someone who has an acc, please, report at the forum.
      May I make a suggestion? The writer of the post should place the "topics" of the post in "spoiler windows". That way the post would be much more clean, and easier to find things.

  40. it took a lot of searching but find it http://www.mediafire.com/download/7xo1ktnn267g3r3/Daiteikoku+v1.02+patch.rar

  41. Anyone can reupload the 1.02 patch ? the links are almost dead , means u should have redownload all of it by torrent if u already download the 1.00 here T_T

  42. your answer are so annoying you know admin. who's blind, and can you give proper answer. we asking with good word, but you answered with blemish word.

    1. well, I've been dealing with stupid comments all day long and probably you found one of my annoyed comment

      not that I will deny it tho, but have to let some steam

    2. People are going to be retarded and ask dumb questions, take a while and contemplate the amount of anger one can harness during a day of reading the shit some idiots write here. No wonder the admin is going to be mad when people ask him what the fucking password is. Fuck.

  43. where is part.5 guys ? i cant find it.


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