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Thursday, April 14, 2011



it's SHO!

SHO tte nani?:bloon:
Sonic Hispeed Omega:XD:
ah you finally back... the brown Dwi_Edge yay... yayy.... :cheers:
hell right, I'm back. :hi: Now answer my question
it's a circle... as far as I know, they make rearrangement of Touhou Project Song / BGM:nikmat:

but you know... I just know this recently::cerutu:
"Albums by doujin circle Sonic Hispeed Omega. This circle was succeeded by Sonic Hybrid Orchestra. "
well... it was succeded by another group (it's still SHO though):iii:
huh? like the hell I care:lalala:
hell yeah... like any hell you will care...:voodoo:

hmm, it's rare for you to make a post about touhou. Did something good happen when I was away?:???:

hi~mit~su *cute pose*:genit:

*and then fainted*

sa... forget about him
:yareyare:and let's rush for the album..:fufufu:


Total Playtime: 01:04:02
Arrangement: SHO
Group: Sonic Hispeed Omega
Release date: 2007-05-20
Music Library: http://sound.jp/s-h-omega/
Info: (moved to .net)
http://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/TOHO_TEMPEST_II thx to: Master Bigode :sembah:


01. Introduction (01:30) 02. Is she U.N.Owen? (05:00) 03. Soul Concerto (04:54) 04. Eyes of Insanity ~In visible FullMoon (04:08) 05. View of Acheron Riverside (05:00) 06. Shanghai Tea House ~Chinese Tea (04:40) 07. Necro-Fantasia ~Gone Away to the Fairyland (08:28) 08. Plain Asia ~Guardia of the Village (04:46) 09. White Rabbits' White Flags (03:52) 10. Locked Girl ~Burst of Frustration (03:25) 11. The Daughter of Eurus (Bonus Track) (02:47) 12. Ancient Temple in the Other Side (04:36) 13. Cry of the Immortal ~Reach to the Moon (06:26) 14. Endroll (04:30)

and also
you need some examples right?

Rabbbbiiiitts!!! :haha:

the first touhou song ever that I ever known :terharu:

and save the best for the last...
Necrofantasia :top:

that's enough right?
I think 3 is more than enough...:tampan:
so now..
I'm sure you are looking for download links... ehehe...

Download Links

here you go...
http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?dq2q7ucfqrh4g4h :elegan:


owh you're still alive? :iii:

I'm alive you baka! :bogem::mentah:




  1. Gotta love those dual comments by you guys! Splendid post as always <3


  2. ehehe...

    thx veruz...

    I feel very delighted by your compliment...
    and this will motivate me to post more ^^

  3. Naw, it should be me thanking you guys. I mean I enjoy your posts quite a lot! Pity I don't know japanese as far as the Visual Novels are concerned but oh well!

    For example the last few Touhou posts were the reason I started looking into Touhou music more, and I found I have a love for Touhou Piano Arrangements. I mean, ever listenend to Septette for a Dead Princess on Piano? It will blow your mind!

    Keep it up guys~


  4. yup, touhou piano are awesome too
    septette for a dead princess piano e?
    I will check it..

    so far.. Marasy8 is the best in playing touhou piano :)

  5. and why don't you try play touhou games too??

    for the links, ask the gir...er... guy above me

  6. *sniff* I smell a secret!

    I actually tried playing Embodiement of the Scarlet Devil and Perfect Cherry Blossom some time ago. Still need to get the hang on it, I am helpless at times.

    I am quite the sucker for good lore though, so I try to get most of the story from sources outside the games.

  7. I think the real story are being told in the game series...

    as far as I know... there's 13 touhou original games out there... (and the 13rd one trial is already spreaded recently)

  8. I heard about that one from a friend that is in crazy love with Touhou... I guess I'll start with playing through touhou 6 and 7 and then see if I'll get the others. Should require some time to finish them I guess.

    Also... Flandre <3

  9. owh... one of the tohofags heh?

    at least try to beat the game at normal difficulty... and I forgot which one are easier...

    maybe you can ask Tsundere_lover ..

  10. haha I think, touhou 7 is the easiest one..
    touhou 6 is kinda hard, coz you can't see ur hitbox T_T

  11. The touhou wiki has moved to touhouwiki.net:

    In our new host, you can now view where the original track is from by hovering over its title, something wikia never allowed us to code.

  12. well thx for the info...

    btw, are you the host of touhou wiki?

  13. No, I'm only a contributor. (^^;
    Why do you ask ?

  14. you did say "in our new host"

    that one make me probably think you are the host


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