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Sunday, January 2, 2011

[Ivory] Wanko to Kurasou (ENGRISH)

Title: Wanko To Kurasou
Original Title: わんことくらそう
Developer and Publisher: Ivory
Release Date: 2006/04/14
Size: 1.1 GB

Official: http://ivory.co.jp/product/game/wanko/wanko.html
Getchu: http://getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=210841


People were crazy about pets years ago. The particularly popular ones were cats and dogs that look human and have high intelligence. But the boom has died down with time, and now only people who really want them own them. Our main character is a college student who finds a stray anthropoid dog, collapsed in the rain. Unable to let her just die, he takes her up to his room and treats her. Even though he told her she can only stay until the rain ends, the dog stays in fear and worry.
The main character decides to look for her owner.
The life between a human and a dog starts...




Story / Plot (9/10)

it's good... tear-jerking story...
this time, I don't want to spoil about this game... coz it's at superb level...
roughly, it's about a Lolicon-beastiality genious... living with his dog (DOG????) and some of his friends and (their dogs/cats too)

it's a slice of life story... with a VERY LOGICAL AND RATIONAL THOUGHTS of the main character... man... this is kind of man who I want to be... honest to the real world... not this illusionary world

Art / Graphics (8/10)

well, the Characters design and BG saved you Ivory... coz the graphics are sucks... too common...
look... it's too futsuu rite?
so be grateful that I don't insult this VN's art or anything coz you did a good job with the Chara design and that wonderful Background ... not to mention that the 8 score also come from the great CG's

Characters (8/10)

The characters are all unique and I don't see any reason to hate any of them... They're all lovable and didn't annoy me (unlike animes nowadays)...
coz I don't want to spoil things, just see their faces and a little traits

characters faces credited to http://springscalling.blogspot.com/2010/06/ivory-wanko-to-kurasou-visual-novel.html

Your future dog, Mikan

Strange friend, Oumi Risa
her route is a weird one... but rather... a happy one

Risa's pet dog, Silvianna (or Silvie for short)
my favourite dog... :mimisan:

Pet store manager, Mochizuki Nadeshiko
for some reason, I don't like her route...

Nadeshiko's pet dog, Kotarou

Cram school student, Mutsuki Kana

Kana's pet cat, Kuu

Mikan's previous owner and Risa's sister, Oumi Misa

Main character, Yusa Yuichi

Cram school student, Seika

Seika's pet dog, Kaie
shota lover, here's your dog :haha:

Sound (6/10)


for some reason, I don't like the seiyuu voice... don't know why, but it's not in synch with the chara and rather bad timing...
as for the BGM, it's rather good for an Eroge...

H-Scene (9/10)


the only reason I can't give perfect score is the voice... damn... why Koutarou doesn't sounds like a big dog girl??? damn it...
after all, I really liked the h-scene here... it's uniqueness are the best part of this Eroge :top:

Overall (8/10)

9+8+8+6+9 = 40 / 5 = 8 (Great)
This game is recommended for LOLICON and SHOTACON (it's just some few scene)
also some beastiality (or not... it's dog + cat in human form... they're dogs/cat... but in disguise.. haha)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
as for now, I'm decided to make things my own way here... it's depend on the numbers of point you've mentioned, in this case, it's 5... so let's divide it by 5... hahaha...
1-5 :kecewa: = it's not included in a great site like CraneAnime
6:ngambek:= so-so... just play it when you have the time
6.5 :sepi:=hmm... mediocre... at least it have a good point
7 :keringat: = Good... maybe having two good points?
7.5 :siul: = more than good... have moar than 2 good points / good at one point
8 :malu2: = Great... strong in some points
8.5 :lalala:= Very great... recommended for VN player...
9 :nikmat:= Marvelous... it's recommended in many ways... not just one part...
9.5 :sayangku: = SUBARASHI!... almost perfect... just a little more... have a little flaw is needed though...
10 :terharu: = Perfect...
there's no such a perfect thing... but maybe it will...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Final Words

an eroge player but haven't play this game? then you need to be consulted first... LOL!

free-of-spoiler Review is done... even though there are some little spoilers here and there, I think that's not the major issue...

I make this post, coz I want to share my experience playing a slice of life game which have good stories with a resolve of everyday problem (pet problem included...) :shock1:




  1. gan...
    passnya apa y???
    koq pake hrtbrk69 g bisa....
    mohon petunjuknya gan...

    1. craneanime

      Kalo bisa jng lupa kirim duit ke req ane gan

  2. Replies
    1. Hi admin i guest dat link Mf dat file is corrupted please reupload again

  3. :) well its true kotarou voice is awful awful i am playing right now. anyways how do i put my hmm name , in here i mean xD i ll put a signature

    tomtom :) voila now its not just anonymous

  4. -_-

    you can fill in your names at comment right??
    so why don't you do that ???

    so at least someone agree with me

  5. hey anon ( ◕‿‿◕ ) ?
    dun u know that the patch already included in 8-part media fire, and the one u put on the "english patch" is actually a trial version of this vn?

  6. err rly??

    there's two kind of MF links...
    one is that you mentioned above...
    and the other one (maybe) need a eng patch...

  7. I love this game..the only scene i didnt unlock is Mochizuki Nadeshiko.Well..she not my type..fufu

  8. agreed ^^

    well... the only bad things about this game is it just have 2 route...

    Risa route / Nadeshiko route...

    of course I'll do Risa route first... and lazily finish nadeshiko route with Koutaro as the Motivator

  9. we have one more lolicon here... huehuehue...

  10. I didn't actually believed when my game started...I'm so used to the fact that all this " crack" thing never works for me, that I was shell shocked when everything worked!
    I haven't played yet but I will in few mins! just wanted to say huge THANKS!!!!

  11. I just finished this VN,,
    and I must admit this one is really good xD

    Oh i want a cute dog like silvie~

    There is no way mo doggies can be this cute!!

  12. Wanko To Kurasou is a very good H-Game o-o, if it were a little longer I would've have to say it's almost as good as clannad...and if wanko were to turn into an anime....that would be very nice too...I agree with the 8/10 score just because it's kinda short and needs more routes...


  13. This is a truly great Vn with great story line
    tear jerking moment especialy at mikan part >.<
    anyopne who says the oposite are dumbshit

  14. when i tried to install, it came up like tis:

    can someone help me?

  15. did you change your system locale to japanese?
    read this first

  16. help! a blank screen appears when i open the game. y?

  17. download the latest video codecs, it's the OPENING

    try to skip it, though
    or just alt+tab, usually it works

  18. i wanna watch the opening... so i hav to download the latest codecs? can i hav links??

  19. i have some problem here,
    after i joined all the part from MF folder it said the rar is corrupt, i try to repair the archive(this rar have recovery record), it show up with "wan wan.rar: No files repaired"

    any suggestion?(re-download from other link is the last effort)

    thank you

  20. hmm, try to re-join it, using FFSJ or HJsplit

    and then try again

  21. still error LOL
    i even try 7zip to extract it, but the error still happen :D

    well i'll just download from other link, thank for you help

    this site awesome :thumbup:

  22. hmm...

    it's weird, some people succeeded ...

    ma... ii ka..

  23. MF Link down or what? i cant open them ( 8 parts MF)

  24. I love this game so much. i saw this website and i browsed threw just about all of your reviews (or whatever you wanna call them) and this is one of the games that i thought was worth trying, thank you for leading such a great site <3

  25. yeah, but review like this one is hard to make and take too long

  26. I wish we can add more review on other VNs too...


  27. how to change system locale? thats sucks me everyday...

  28. see the newbie guide at the top part of this blog

  29. mine still blank when run this game, nothing change for 2 hours
    somthing wrong???

    1. definitely something wrong...
      do you install it corretly?

    2. of course
      nothing problem when installing

    3. whats the pass for download?

    4. the password is on a pic on this site~
      lurk harder~

    5. i was press alt + tab and i move to another windows, nothing more

  30. i have a question its just a trial version or the full game? o.o

  31. someone can help me? i followed all the instructions but when yusa finally adopt mikan the screen turns black and appears buy the full game -.-
    can someone help me please?

  32. Sorry to ask, but, where can I find this so-called crack?
    You see, I had to use a torrent to get the .ISO because the files from mediafire here downloaded corrupted or something...
    Now that I got it and managed to install it, -English patch included- when I run the game, the only image displayed is pitch black, and the options above; no sound. When I change a single option the screen turns white.
    And that's about it. It just doesn't work. I guess I need a patch or crack or something. I was wondering if this has ever happened to someone else. Q__Q help?

    1. This is the same Anon as above. I read the opening thing that should be skipped. Right clicked, selected "skip".
      Dropdown menu disappears and nothing happens. I can't click for the next ~1.5 seconds. Tried again, nothing happened. Same black screen.
      Alt+tab simply switches between my open windows.

    2. no, just downwload latest video codecs

      my recommendation is CCCP

    3. >__> Same problem as before. lolIwannacry

    4. Sorry. Just lurked more, and followed the tutorial meant for the 7zip files, which I ignored before. Apparently the torrent came from that file. It worked.
      I love you, thanks :DDD

  33. I cant get the game working because I always get a black screen when I open it.

    1. press alt+tab, go somewhere and press it again, back to wanko to kurasou...
      or just update your video codecs

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. and you sure that your system locale is japanese?

    4. Yes, Im sure of it. I already have 2 visual novel at my netbook. So im familiar with VNs

    5. 2 doesn't make you "familiar" with it

      and btw, have you update your video codecs?

  34. is it suppose to lag in the beginning? it takes a few min just for the title screen to load. maybe 3 min around there.
    also im guessing since theres no application in the file that is used for no dvd i have to keep the iso right?

    1. actually. i have to run the setup even after the games widow is open. or else it stays black. is that normal. so its black window. i run setup and then it starts to load somewhat. if i dont run setup again it doesnt load.
      Same anon

    2. i probably should have read the comment right above my original one -_-

    3. but it still requires iso to be mounted every time it seems lol.. o wells.

    4. eeh??

      give screenshoot, maybe you didn't install it "FULLY"

    5. (AnonymousSunday, April 15, 2012 2:55:00 PM GMT+07:00

      actually. i have to run the setup even after the games widow is open. or else it stays black. is that normal. so its black window. i run setup and then it starts to load somewhat. if i dont run setup again it doesnt load.
      Same anon)

      Thanks this worked. =D

  35. Complete Download MF 8 part . . .
    but cant open 7z file ~.~

    Broken file ???

    1. I followed your instructions but still the game not going on.
      this is my screenshot


      help me please... *there's no play button just "end" or "return to title" but still on black screen

      tasukete, onegaishimasu.. m(_ _)m

    2. updated your directX,microsoft visual and turn off the anti-virus

  36. sure. i have read the comments before i asked.

    my codec is the lastest (well for march 2012) this game is below 2012, right?

    mine directX is 11, i turn off my anti-virus too

    hm.. microsoft visual? u mean microsoft visual C++? *if that what u mean, i already did it too.

    still no progress. T.T

    1. your system locale?

      and also have you tried my solution above (comments)

    2. sure my system locale are on japan
      n whole of comments solution i've been read n do it. ^^

      um. arigatou dwi-san. i'll try other eroge. XD *thanks a bunch for all ur help reply :D

  37. To solve the black screen issue in Windows 7,

    For those of you that are getting stuck at the logo:
    1. Click “Settings” on the menu bar
    2. Navigate to the “Sound settings” tab on the “Settings” dialog.
    3. Press the “Voices” button in the group box labeled “Volume”
    4. Press the “Close” button and it should now continue without any problems

    Source: http://erogedownload.com/downloads/wanko-to-kurasou/

  38. There's something what i want to ask
    when i finished download the game from mediafire folder and joined them, the size of the iso is 1.2 GB. But the size of the folder is only 859 MB. please tell me what's going on

    1. isn't that just usual?

      btw try it first

    2. i already tri it, but the result is an error message "bla bla bla... failed in BuzMon.net - Wanko To Kurosau\WANKO.ISO. The File is corrupted"

    3. what?
      moshikashite... you're newbie?

      please go to newbie guide first

    4. haha, forgot about that.
      Sorry for troubling you

  39. can utell me pass of mediafile :((
    i cant unlock it with hrtbrk69@hongfire
    somebody help me TT

    1. u must be new here... read the "READ THIS FIRST"

  40. Ha, that was quite surprising. I just finished the game and i gotta say, not too many things can make me cry but i got dangerously close at the mikan part. Generally i'm not really into the lolli thing but i guess this one is an exception. Gotta say i'd rank this one overall 8/10.
    The H scenes were actually alot better than i expected.
    As well as the story, kinda makes me wish i had a cute human dog thing.
    curse this boring 3D world....
    The only thing i didnt like was the save box.... i dont really know why but it annoyed me. Oh well, Still a great VN i deff. recommend it.

  41. initially, lol this game made me cry then i've learned some cripts to use in this real life!!lol the main char is an ideal explicit man!!the best patch is when Mikan was standing in front of her ex-master's grave. i really don't know how she felt when Yusa said the sore thing piercing through her heart and mine...!

  42. can someone help me? i'm really stuck after download all of those 8 part..
    what should i do to unzip it?
    i already download the 7-zip too..

    1. when i extract it, it say can not open the file as archive..
      need some help here..

    2. really... read the NEWBIE GUIDE

      it listed there

    3. ups.. sorry..
      looks like it because i change the format of the file...
      .7z.001 to .7z
      i'll try redownload it again

    4. err.. one more thing..
      are those 8 part already in english ver?
      or i need to download the english patch? if so, where can i download the english patch?

  43. I've finished Mikan's route so far!!It's touched at the end!!I cried...when she'd been trying to get home!...so much suffering she'd been through!!Think about and assume i'm at that stage..( Shudder...)

  44. I unziped the file and ran the exe, but when I try to install it, it says the CD cannot be found, do I need to CD to play?????

    1. you need to mount the CD before click the install

    2. What is the setup meant to say. All I see is questions marks, etc

  45. hooo.. after struggling with the password.. finally, time to install the game.. :)

    p.s : for the password, i use "hrtbrk69@hongfire".

  46. aww...
    someone has change the password

    p.s : password is same like usual

  47. opened the game and it was just a blank screen :c

    1. I checked the other people who had the same problem before commenting this btw.
      Tried the alt tab. No luck
      And since I'm a noob I don't know how to update video codec thing

    2. have you tried another game? if you have same problem on another game,maybe you should check or update your vga driver..

  48. woooo just found this by chance...
    i agree with you that the h-scenes are superb, but I'd rate the charas and the Music higher....
    anyway I can't understand why you rated the story 9/10....the first hours of playtime suggested a wonderful story but I think most players will be greatly disappointed how flat and monotone the story becomes later on...also it made me friggin' RAGE that there were only 2 routes and general just few choices that actually changed something....I think it breaks a gamers heart to see a piece of art that starts out so well turning in a half-assed storyless something....but *sigh* that's how life is....whatever...it's great anyways, that you added the game^^

    1. yooo... it seems that 2 great routes didin't make you feel anything?
      I give 9/10 coz I like the protagonist's way of thinking, way of solving problems, and how he doesn't care about stuff like formality...

      one thing dude, if it's storyless, yandere translation won't translate it

    2. that's not what i ment...i think the story is good, but how you play through the story later on sucks. I mean you still have choices but it doesn't really matter what you chose, that's the first thing...
      The other thing is basically that no matter what you do you get the same endings, they could've at least add some "side-endings" like whether you get a deeper relationship to other characters through the storyline...you know, a little variation, I appreciated that part on F/SN really much.

      The ending feels so determinated even though there are many choices...and well as my fav. chars are Mikan/Silvie I'm kinda disappointed that they don't have their own routes...(and I like the story in the first half better, when it's moar focused on Mikan)

      Btw. I didn't say I dislike the main char, I find him rather amusing and interesting...well I wouldn't rate the story all that bad, but I'd probably give it a 6 or 7 due to lacking variety in the ending and routes and 'cause the many many choices about NOTHING.
      If the choices would change something or if they'd at least gone the whole way and leave the choices out like Higurashi I wouldn't mind, it's just so....indecisive from the game developers.

      Dunno VNs where you basically can't really decide much bother me...it's just that...it was the same when I played Higurashi^^'
      (Sry I wrote such a long answer >_<)

    3. the way you look for more ending sounds like you're playing a "game" for me...

      but that's just how Visual Novel are...

      have you read Majikoi? the choice there is simply just some joke by the developer... or even Osananajimi wa Daitoryou?

    4. no i don't even know them^^'
      I just played ah few VNs but they all had choices (YnS, Soul Link, F/SN, School Days,...) and as I do like those VNs I thought/hoped all/most VNs would be like that...
      well also Sena from Haganai gave me a wrong impression on VNs as they talk alot about choices and a score system to get flag events, different endings and whatsoev...but maybe there's a huge difference between VNs, eroges and Galge VNs^^

      In fact I like the concept with choices, it's nice once in a while to get an actual visual NOVEL, but I really enjoy those game-like VNs more, 'cause they include less determinated events...whatever that's just a matter of personal opinion
      So as we cleared that misunderstanding I'd give the story a 8, not a 9 'cause I still think the quality slightly decreased on the 2nd half and that the side characters are not enough involved in the story for my taste.
      I agree with the total score being around 8, I may rate it even 8.5 but well...

    5. this is just my guess but are you:
      > a gamer, also watch anime, but not that much
      > introduced to VN by someone
      > plays english ones

      well, I forgot about the story, so for it being 8/9 maybe you're right since it's not really leave some memories in my head... lol

    6. wow you're close^^
      >I'm not really a gamer(<10 games for PC). I'd say I watch normal amounts of anime(about 5~10 episodes a week usually)
      >My first VN was YnS. I believe I searched for links after I watched the anime or sth like that.
      After that I got other VNs and now I took a liking to them...although I didn't really play many VNs yet(~10)
      >I'm only playing english VNs but that's cause I can't read a single kanji and engrish translation tools just ruin the mood for me.
      >I spend most of my time on Browsergames and Mangas, since I like Mangas more than Animes usually (always exceptions) and on /mot/s (CrunchyRoll)

      I'm no Otaku (yet) but I know about the classics on manga (well at least some of them. And I know from CR/luck/interwebz some rather unknown mangas which are really good (Elfen Lied, Chobits, Kanokon,...);
      I don't know so much about anime since I don't like the mainstream Naruto or Pokemon stuff, I'm focusing on:
      -classics (TMoHS, Toaru Majutsu...,Serial Experiments...,0 no Tsukaima, ToraDora, Higurashi...,and so on)
      -"Secret tips" and animes I found otherwise; well I choose the animes I watch by some criteria, which is why I had till today luck and didn't watch a single anime that's <mediocre.

      Btw: Are you an otaku? And what kind of anime do you like the most? I always wanted to know xD
      I like Moe, ecchi, vanilla, comedy, pettanko and Tsundere the most^^
      From the themes psycho, serious themes and moe/ecchi it is!

      Oh a last thing: Haiyore! Nyaruko-san is pretty awesome if you (also) like moe and comedy...it's dunno kinda refreshing xD
      And some japanese newspaper wrote "The DVD of the first season of Haiyore! Nyaruko-san was sold over 9000 times in the first weeks"
      which automatically increases the awesomeness of the anime.

    7. to put it simply I just watched all anime that come out every season...

      Haiyore is last season's, and read this if you watched it=> http://nyaruref.blogspot.com/

      btw, if you want to have some good talk about this, go to forum and just talk anything at the lounge


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