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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

[HoneyBee] Starry Sky In Spring (ENGRISH, Otome Game)

well... If the anime is still airing, it is a good chance for me to post the VN here ^^
coz it seems like some gals are looking for this game...
(well... it's boring to have all guys visitor... hehe...)
and a note for you...
this is for 13+... so don't expect any yaoism / hentai-ism... haha...

Review for this Otome Game: http://awayukihimeko.blogspot.com/2011/07/otome-game-review-starrysky-in-spring.html

Title: Starry Sky ~in Spring~
Company: HoneyBee
Genre: Romance, school-life, Otome game
Rating: 13+
System: PC (Windows 98/Me/2000/XP)

Official Site: http://www.honeybee-cd.com/spring/index.html
Getchu: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=635189
VNDB: http://vndb.org/v2021


The story is about Tsukiko who is the first girl to enroll in an all boys school. The school was male only but it’s not so bad for Tsukiko because she has 2 childhood friend bishies Suzuya and Kanata, who protect her from all the lusting mans. The school they attend seems to be some kind of astronomy related high school because they often go out and watch the stars and one of the rooms has a massive telescope. All the Starry Sky games appear to be an ongoing series for every season....

there are 4 seasons of Starry Sky... this one is Spring..which is already translated by... anonymous??? WOW!...

In the first game, Starry☆Sky~in Spring~, not long after Tsukiko transfers to Seigatsu Academy, a half-French boy named Yoh Tomoe follows suit to pursue her. This action stirs up emotions from Kanata and Suzuya, both of whom had long loved Tsukiko.



Tsukiko Yahisa (夜久 月子 (ヤヒサ ツキコ) , Yahisa Tsukiko)
The main character of the game is Tsukiko Yahisa, although her name can be changed by the player.

The other 12 supporting characters are male personifications of the Western zodiac and serve as her love interests. All characters were designed by Kazuaki.And here's the list of SPRING Characters... (from wiki) why? coz I don't want to play otome game (>.<)

Yoh Tomoe (土萌 羊, Tomoe Yō)

Yoh Tomoe
Yoh represents the Capricorn. His French name is Henri Samuel Jean Aimée. Likewise, he is half-French and was often teased for that as a kid. He met Tsukiko when he was young, and because she was the only person who didn't make fun of him for being half-French, he fell in love with her and asked his father to let him transfer to Seigatsu Academy in order to pursue her. Initially disdainful to everyone except Tsukiko, eventually, he learns the importance of having friends. His father hopes to work in America to develop a special astronomy project. He is a second year and is voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa.

Kanata Nanami (七海 哉太, Nanami Kanata)

Kanata Nanami
Kanata represents the Pisces. Brash and impulsive, he has been friends with Tsukiko since childhood and has developed feelings for her. He does not get along very well with Yoh. Kanata suffers from a terminal illness that leaves him in a lethargic state, which is why he often skips classes and faints without reason. However, he refuses to seek medical help and often gets into school fights that worsen his health to protect Tsukiko. He is a second year and is voiced by Tomokazu Sugita.

Suzuya Tohzuki (東月 錫也, Tōzuki Suzuya)
Suzuya Tohzuki
Suzuya represents the Cancer. Calm and friendly, he was friends with Tsukiko and Kanata since childhood and often watches out for them like an older brother. He is very good at cooking and often uses the school's kitchen to prepare food for his friends. Suzuya is also in love with Tsukiko, but because he knows that Kanata also loves her, he held back. Beneath his warm exterior, Suzuya has a dark side and worries about Tsukiko constantly. He is a second year and is voiced by Daisuke Ono.




actually... I don't like hotlinking to other blog... but well... otome game's an exception
so go here if you want some review


Download Link

FULL English patch
by NintendoToad

Second Crack
(if the first crack that already been prepared did not working well use this one)


How to install this patch : (by Askiichan)

- Make sure you've installed the Japanese language on your computer
(you can install it from control panel -> regional and language options -> languages -> install files for East Asian languages).

- After that, install your Starry Sky ~In Spring~ game, not the patch... You can install this game in any folder. Mine in C:\Program Files\asgard\Starry☆Sky~in Spring~

- Then, execute the patch. When it asks for the directory, browse the folder where you installed the game earlier.

And done, you can play Starry Sky ~In Spring~ in English


Q&A and troubleshoot
(taken from the comment below)

a stupid one, still need to be fixed here and there... c'mon... don't give me more work to do...

it's still in japanese eventhough I already patch it
It's Still in Japanese even though I already patch it
- make sure you follow the right step in installing the game, and don't forget to change your regional and unicode
- before doing anything please consult to the newbie-guide

I already patch it, but the word is unreadable
- you must change your regional and unicode to japanese first before installing the game... so reinstall it
- deal with it

What is the step to install this game correctly
- I don't need to answer this one

I can't uninstall it
- Use Add/Remove program from Control Panel, clean your starrysky registry and delete it manually... use every tool avaible to remove it from your PC

When I try to patch it it said invalid directory
- Make sure the destination is correct, and if it's indeed correct, make sure you type it correctly, sometimes there some weird word are used as the title such as "hoshi" or whatever, and another one "MAKE SURE YOU CHANGE YOUR SYSTEM LOCAL AND UNICODE"

I already change my system locale to japan but it's still unreadable
- make sure you restart your computer after you change your unicode, and make sure you install your japanese language pack correctly (for XP user) or if you don't want to do hard thing, use win7.

How to change my system locale?
- ( -_-) read the newbie guide page, or if you are to busy reading it just follow this step
win7 user = control panel -> Clock Language Region -> change location -> change
ur current location to japan, and go to administrative and change
language for non unicode programs to japanese -> Restart ur PC

Vista = Find control panel> go to regional and language options> then go to
Administrative> then you'll see under Language for non-Unicode
Program> Change system local

XP = go to control panel -> regional and setting > .....

When I try to install the game some weird word appear
- Change your unicode (system Local) to japanese

I already mount it using daemon tools after that??
- Usually the autorun is appear, if it's not, look at my computer and click the mounted drive to open it and execute the setup.exe or other executable program

I experience some error in playing the game
- there are many factor in causing the game to crash, some of them is corrupted data, try to
reinstall it, or redownload the file, or re extract the file

I can't download the file from MU or I can't access the site coz my country block it
- meh, some mirror added

Yey I'm able to install and play the game in english !!!
- make sure you spread this site, and support us by klik the add :) oh yeah, don't forget to
support the translation team to

you mean "too" right Tsundere_lover? I don't need to fix it, yeah?

Final Words

even though I like to ask one of our member to try this game, she's still busy... well... what can I do?

I'm not a god anymore... hahaha...

Btw,If you want to ask a question, ask them at the forum


  1. Well, thank you for the newbie guide (since I indeed am a newbie here..), it was really useful!

    So, I have done everything you said here and I could even open the game (YAY!), but now the patch is teh one kicking me ._.U

    Before it said something about there not being a file to update in the destination I gave it, now it just says "Invalid directory".

    Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong?

    Sorry for being such a nuisance..

  2. it's not a nuisance at all ^^

    see the tutor above...
    ah... maybe you put the wrong directory...

    E:\Games\Starry Sky\Starry☆Sky~in Spring~
    choose the folder ... not the file... and I think you can run the game just fine... (you can start the game don't you??, then just start the patch and give in the correct folder directory)

  3. I seemed to have a bit of the same problem like koorimechan. When it asked for directory I choose the folder that contains the starry sku folder which is

    D:\Others\Games (which after that comes \StarrySky in Spring)

    But when I click just the folder, it says there's nothing to be update. If I include Starry Sky folder, it says 'Invalid directory'.

    Did I do something wrong? Or did I miss a step?
    (I'm using Windows Vista)

  4. I did a series of installing and uninstalling.

    I even direct the directory to the 'CD'[DVD Drive (F:) SSDISC1] since I can play the game from there after I installed the game in my 'D:'.

    That seems to works but it said the 'Chip.arc' cannot be update or opened.

  5. damn... I can't be much help coz I don't LIKE OTOME GAMEs and even will not download it...

    try to asking the members of hongfire...
    find the thread about Starry Sky in Spring English patch there

  6. Haha. It's okay. You did try. :D Thanks for helping me. :)

  7. sorry..
    I can't be much help in this kind of things...

    if you have problem with another game in this blog, I'll surely find the solution of your problems...

    this is just... errr... rather "unconvenience" of me being a random post-er at this blog...

    well ... coz the others are having their holy-day freely...

  8. @koomerichan: how were you able to patch the game? did you just do it like it said and it WORKED for you? :O

  9. @mjanedo: well I did have some problems with patching it, firstly because I didn't have BitTorrent so I wasn't able to download the game correctly.. then I had to download DAEMON Tools to make a disc for the game.. and then I couldn't really patch it because I didn't change the language for "Japanese" in my computer ._.U

    But if you have all of this I mentioned.. and do it as Dwi Edge explained, you should be able to patch it and play :D

  10. uhm, hi. i did all the steps given, including turning my unicode and language to japanese. i installed the patch and executed it.
    however, my game still shows japanese text, and i'm not sure why.
    could you help me please?

  11. really?

    try once again (uninstall the game)
    and do the following steps:
    1. Change your system locale to Japanese

    for win 7:control panel, Clock Languange and Region, Region and Language, tab Administrative, System locale => japanese, restart PC

    for winXP: control panel -> regional and language options -> languages -> install files for East Asian languages (some files needed, google it or check our newbie guide ABOVE)

    2. Install the game using Daemon tools or similar program

    3. Install it anywhere, but for our convenience, use "C:\Program Files\asgard\Starry☆Sky~in Spring~"

    4. execute the patch, when it ask for directory, browse the folder where you install the game...
    in this case "C:\Program Files\asgard\Starry☆Sky~in Spring~"

    credit to Dwi_Edge, as he's in hospital now... (not sick/anything) but he's just strolling around...hahaha

  12. Thanks for the informations ^^
    If they're some person who have the problem about Invalid directory you just have to change the name of your folder by C:\Program Files\asgard\StarrySkyInSpring, write exactly this way in the patch and it work ^^ I found so I thought about sharing it =) It didn't work because of unknow thing like ☆ and ~
    Sorry english isn't my maternal one so... ^^'
    (And it's kind of late in my country XD **go to sleep**)

  13. Woops I almost forgot you can use something simple like C:\Program Files\asgard\Starry bur after patched it turn it back to Starry�™Sky�`in Spring�`it should work, and if there is something like "OP.$$" delete it...But don't delete OP.DAT!!
    In the end changind the language japanese isn't really needed ^^ I already install other otome game so I deducted it **thanks my dear BL** =)

    I'm glad I fought until the d...Sleep...Well...
    GG me _o/\o/\o_...Lol nevermind.


  14. and just as koomerchan said, if you do it my way, you will be just fine...

    but let me explain it once more..
    first of all CHANGE your system locale into japanese or in win XP it's "Non-Unicode Program"

    find it on Control Panel/Regional and Language..

    you will be asked to restart, do so...

    next mount the disc using DAEMON Tools (I find this one perfect)

    and run the setup, install it into whatever folder, but use C:\Program Files\asgard\Starry☆Sky~in Spring~ just in case...

    after that, try the game first... if it's working correctly then apply the patch..

    you will be asked the directory of the game.. of course put it into C:\Program Files\asgard\Starry☆Sky~in Spring~

    and tA~DA... I'm done and you are not done

  15. For anyone using Windows Vista that has trouble changing the language settings to japanese:

    Find control panel> go to regional and language options> then go to Administrative> then you'll see under Language for non-Unicode programs "Change system locale..."

    and then you click Japanese(Japan) and your set. *^^*

    Other than this, I think you'll be fine so as long as you follow the steps that was posted by Dwi Edge for koorimechan.

    Also you might want to just stick with C:\Program Files\asgard\Starry☆Sky~in Spring~, rather than creating a new file. For some reason, it didn't work for me when i tried to use different files for it.

  16. If I install this game, will this slow down my computer/cause issues with my harddrive? I'm really hesitant about downloading/installing the game and the patch (I added up the space - almost 1.1 GB!) I've had some really bad experiences with installing VNs - when I tried the La Corda d'Oro game, I used Daemon, Winzip,Winrar,and HJsplit; nothing worked. I just ended up with a computer full of useless programs.
    When I tried another VN, I ended up getting a virus on my computer. My computer started slowing down, and soon after, my computer failed to operate. I had to reinstall the entire harddrive & OS. So maybe you can understand my paranoia about installing another VN.
    But I really would like to play Starry Sky - so I'm posting. Does this game use a lot of CPU/computer speed-power? (I know it already takes up a lot of space so...) And... is it safe? (Like, playing it won't get me a super bad virus.) Thanks in advance :)

  17. ...
    that's a long comment...
    but here I come

    we never share VN that will slow down your PC or cause issues with your harddrive..

    and btw, do you know the use of Daemon?
    the use of Winrar and winzip??
    and hjsplit?

    they have their own uses, and you can get them officially, do not download from unknown sites,
    my PC ended up with so many useful programs that I don't even care anymore...

    next, that virus is caused by a crack (a troll one that is) you can't just download a crack from a random site, again we never give you a virus, believe me...

    VN, Visual Novel is just a Novel, not entirely a game, you don't need to have great PC to play VN

    and 1gb is just 1gb...
    I have about 1TeraByte (1000gigs) VN data in my PC, my HDD exs...

    it's up to you Ayu... don't ask me, but ask yourself.. whether you want to risk something to gain something is your own matter....

    no pain, no gain~

  18. So, I finally got it to work in English, but when I go to the game, a Japanese pop up appears and doesn't let me play. (I know it's in Japanese because the top says "Starry Sky in Spring" instead of being in gibberish. lol) How do I get past this?

  19. ^ I installed the latest directx and extracted it into the directx folder that is in my starry sky in spring folder. it is still showing the same error that other perople have been asking about that appears in japanese.

  20. http://i52.tinypic.com/2qc2hhd.png
    It shows up as soon as I click to open the game..

  21. hmm... that is directx problem...

    install it, not just put it inside the game folder to be sure

  22. Thanks, I downloaded it but never actually "installed" it. I'll try it. Thanks for your help. Sorry for asking a question you've already received multiple times!

  23. When I try to open this game, something pops up in Japanese and won't let me play. I patched it and everything. ; n; Help? I think I renamed the program folder so it could patch.. is that the reason why it won't open?

  24. just follow this:
    - Make sure you've installed the Japanese language on your computer
    (you can install it from control panel -> regional and language options -> languages -> install files for East Asian languages).

    - After that, install your Starry Sky ~In Spring~ game, not the patch... You can install this game in any folder. Mine in C:\Program Files\asgard\Starry☆Sky~in Spring~

    - Then, execute the patch. When it asks for the directory, browse the folder where you installed the game earlier.

    And done, you can play Starry Sky ~In Spring~ in English

  25. oh hi I'm Ani, first, thanks for your sharing <3
    while I downloading it, I go here and read all the comments of you and other cuz I have notthing to do lol
    I see many problems everyone have and i'm starting scared :-j
    I do change my region lang~at first I don't get it when you say abt "non-unicode.." things
    but I solved it~^^
    the download completed, I double click it w/ using VCD to mount iso file,the game install completed
    it's opened, hell yea, all japanese...I still wondering why
    then I read tips all again,still see nothing useful..^^

    then about 10 mins later got bored.
    I read again, and I saw a line.."english patch"
    hell no I totally forgotten about it..
    then tried to download. execute it again.

    that why everyone should read thoroughly LOL
    thanks <3 it's a long comment LOL

  26. Thanks guys, I found out how to do it. I got the idea to try it with tuneup. I was able to delete the entry within my add/remove control, so my computer thought that the game's not installed (but it actually was xD). I just reinstalled it then and deleted the old files after that. So finally I could get the patch to work :3
    I couldn't let go, even after hours lol

    Deleting just the registry and files didn't worked out for me... I had to remove it from the add/remove panel... easiest way was just with tuneup. So if anyone will have that kind of promblem too, just use tuneup to remove the install-entry :D

  27. I got it. never mind thank you so much.


    ^no seriously, read it.

  28. Here is what Larsa said above:

    do the following steps:
    1. Change your system locale to Japanese

    for win 7:control panel, Clock Languange and Region, Region and Language, tab Administrative, System locale => japanese, restart PC

    for winXP: control panel -> regional and language options -> languages -> install files for East Asian languages (some files needed, google it or check our newbie guide ABOVE)

    2. Install the game using Daemon tools or similar program

    3. Install it anywhere, but for our convenience, use "C:\Program Files\asgard\Starry☆Sky~in Spring~"

    4. execute the patch, when it ask for directory, browse the folder where you install the game...
    in this case "C:\Program Files\asgard\Starry☆Sky~in Spring~"

  29. Here's a new download link for everyone:



  30. possible patch... http://uploading.com/files/get/7dbbd3bc/ i'm downloading it myself now so dunno if it works

  31. For those who translate everything properly and still can not get the game to work in English, you must remember that you have to execute the patch in the PROGRAMS FILES/ folder which you will find directly after you click your C:/ drive. Then go to the file that you named your game after. Also remember you have to execute SETUP as well before the game will ever work.

    Anyway, thanks for posting this.

    1. thx mr/mrs. obvious

      but I do think the others are really dumb... so you're helping them

    2. My one friend wanted to play this game and had issues with it and I looked at it and those where the issues so I thought putting it up would help them out more and give you a bit of a break with this.

  32. I patched it into C:\Program FilesasgardStarry☆Sky~in Spring~ and it finally worked woow :)

  33. Hi I seem to have the same problem as GreeNuu.
    I've unistalled and re-installed a number of times and it seems this error starts happening after I installed the "Starry Sky~In Spring~v10 Full" patch.

    1. well try this patches again http://bl.canadia.info/patches/%5bhoneybee%5d%20Starry%20Sky%20in%20Autumn%20Update%20Patch%20Ver.%201.01.rar

    2. It's beautiful!!! XD
      It works! Thank you really I've been trying to fix my game up all day and really had no idea what else I could of done to make it work so thanks.
      Sorry that you have to help the hopeless like me all the time Sougo-San. Your brilliant.

    3. its ok as long it can play than it settle and looks like the patches ii works right? We post it as second crack if it really works

    4. Yep works fine, seems like the movie bits of the intro film lags a bit but not by much and that could be from the other patch anyway.
      I installed it before I installed the english patch and that worked fine haven't checked if it would work after installing the english patch through.

  34. Q.
    HOW TO for the part 3 that seems to have error.

    just repair the file,(open part 3 .rar> right click > repair)(better if all the part1-5 files are in one folder) delete the original file. rename the repaired file as the name of the original file then extract all.(part1-5) mine came up as an .iso file, just download an iso burner (google is you're friend)then extract into directory or which ever storage you prefer. then install!

  35. Hello, I want to ask
    I got some trouble like this
    and this
    I think the problem is same, the volume is corrupt.
    Why it become like that , and what should I do?

    1. You need to re-download the part which files was corrupt,the volume was corrupted is because went you try to download the files your connection was interrupted.

  36. Hello,
    I just downloaded the whole game step by step... but I'm still receiving this error after downloading and reinstally directX.
    Does that mean I have to reinstall the game again?

  37. Thank you soo much!!
    Finally, I got a chance to play otome game.^[]^
    Well, This will be my first time playing otome game! Thank again!!

  38. hi^^

    thank you for the upload!^^

    but I still have a problem óò I did all the steps that are mentiont in the newbie guide und here in the replies, but it still don't want to work QQ not in english, not in japans.
    I installed, and endpacked all the files, and i was wondering if the reason, why it wound work, lies in these to archives:http://s14.directupload.net/file/d/2877/ct36ydgl_png.htm

    does it have to be so? if not, how can I fix it??

    sry if the awenser is oblivious^^'' I'm realy a newbie

    1. Anyway fix your grammar first i did not understand what are you talking about but anyway i will ask Otome for help later

    2. I'm sorry^^' I know that my english is bad ^^''
      ok thank you.

    3. please explain in a way so that we can understand

    4. I installed all the parts. I changed my local to Japans. And installed the english patch. But I still can't install 2 files.


      these 2. They are ''.cab'' files. and I can't open them.

      I hope you could understand it better this time^^''

  39. I'm having trouble uninstalling the game.
    I deleted it from the registry editor and also manually but the setup still wouldn't let me install it again.
    Can anyone help me?

  40. Etto~ can anyone tell me why this: "http://i673.photobucket.com/albums/vv99/Ayaka1218/Shit.jpg" appears when I try to uninstall it through "add/remove programs"? :(
    Please and thank you~

    1. those ?????
      is the reason why you can play it correctly in the first place, read the newbie guide

    2. but it's seriously preventing me from uninstalling the program. :I

    3. try to reinstall without uninstalling, with the CD mounted

  41. Guys I can't download in the media fire because in some part need a passoword ,what's the passoword x-x ??

  42. Waaaa~! It's so awesome you shared this so I could find it!
    Thank you so much for the mirrors as well. I had problems extracting the game from the second folder, but the first one worked perfectly.
    Thank you very very much for sharing! :)

  43. I installed correctly and it played well.
    When I tried to patch it, it's said invalid directory, I remember that they wont read the star and ~ thing, so I tried to rename the folder.
    Stupid me, it wont work. And I naively delete the folder, without uninstalling it properly.
    I restored the file from recycle bin, and tried to uninstall it, but it didnt work.
    I deleted all starry sky registry in regedit, but it still wonr reinstall.
    I'm desperate now...

    1. hmm, are you sure you've deleted all element of Starry sky in spring in your pc?

      check it again

    2. Yes I surely did. I search everything in my registry *through ctrl+F* and they couldnt find any.
      but my computer still recognize it...

  44. when i'm about to install the game in a folder (as the instruction said that we could instal it into any folder) it says something like this program cannot update the installed version to my folder because the destination directory doesn't contain any files to update.. i don't understand what should i do? :/

  45. Umm, I want to ask something. I already downloaded all the files, but I don't understand how to operate the second patch because it's in japanese. Help me, please.

  46. When I'm about to mount the ISO file, some japanese words pop out and I just don't know what it means. When I click randomly, it goes back from the start. Did I do something wrong?

    1. Oh never mind that one. I solved it. but another problem :'(.... when I'm about to install it, it says something in japanese. Here's the screenshot: http://s14.directupload.net/file/d/2889/hzy2ohvl_jpg.htm

    2. ~_~

      you can use printscreen button in your keyboard for screenshoot...


      and also show me the directory of your file... or just tell me your steps from downloading till that error

    3. Ahaha..sorry for the screenshot,I'm still unexperienced...
      Btw, here's the steps :
      I downloaded the Japanese pack (east asian language), then installed it, Restart the PC.
      I downloaded the game and the english patch. Extracted them successfully.
      I mounted the ISO file. Then, this popped out : http://s14.directupload.net/file/d/2889/iuzxdo26_png.htm
      I click 'yes'. and that error came out.

    4. err, after pressing printscreen, open paint, press ctrl V, save as: "bla bla.jpg" upload it to imgur.com

    5. ok. here's the screenshot : http://i.imgur.com/HbkOg.png

    6. I'm having the same problem also. ;-;

  47. Thanks!
    By the way, I got Tsukiko's ringtone. If anyone's interested, well, just visit my blog.

  48. I downloaded part1 of the game and part1 of the patch.
    When it asks for the directory I choose the folder where the game is saved and I keep on getting this error:
    "This program cannot update the installed version of Starry Sky ~In Spring~ because of the following reason:
    I have tried to download the game and the patch from other sites but the error is the same if the folder with the game has an text file, it doesn't matter what is written in it, or if isn't it says "C:\.....The destination directory doesn't contain any files to update."
    IDK what to do. I've tried many :-(
    And in the folder with the game there's just a text file and an ISO file, isn't there usual an execute file instead of ISO?
    Sorry for my bad english...

    1. what do you mean with " part 1 of the game and part 1 of the patch"?

    2. http://i.imgur.com/x3DX7.png
      I'll download all the parts along but if I keep on getting this error...

    3. errr, read the newbie guide first please...

      you need all the parts to join it

  49. I can only open the first part, I'm using daemon tools to read the ISO files but the computer says that it's in the wrong format and isn't compatible with windows, do you know why..?

    1. i can only open the first part using daemon tools, the other four dont work!!

  50. I finished downloading, and plays in Japanese perfectly. The DirectX installed without problem too. But after I extract the english patch, the game shows an error in Japanese. Help please?

    1. what error?
      and please make sure your system locale is japanese

    2. Yes, it's in Japanese. Here's the image;

  51. please! someone can tell me whats the password for the download files? thanks c:

  52. ohhh i'm sorry, i didn't see the image hehehehee THANKS <3!

  53. please help..
    I've followed all the instructions.. well, before I change the system locale, the game is fine, but it's unreadable alphabet..
    and after I change the system locale, the game won't start and said:
    ”レジストリエラー” for starry sky in autumn
    ”アプリケーション初期化エラーです” for starry sky in spring

    1. My advice would be to completely uninstall the game, then making sure your administrative locale is japanese at that moment, install the game again (do not using applocale just to be safe), then play the game while in Japanese Locale. It's obvious that installing the game in one locale and playing in another will confuse the registry and the game won't start.

    2. thank you ! now I can play the game ! ^^

  54. When you download the real game, there is a password needed to unlock the part 3 file ...

  55. Oh no! The mediafire account has been suspended! And I've only downloaded part 1 and part 3 of the rar files (200MB)...can you please put them up again? thanks!

    1. Oh dear. Hmm. I have a MF account, I don't mind putting some stuff up. How can I email you?

  56. I don't understand the c:\program files\ASGARD\starry?night~in spring~
    Am I suppose to make a file called "asgard" because I don't see any in my program files, and when I do, and I suppose to put my "starry night" folder in "asgard" because I tried, and it will not allow me. I'm absolutely confused, I've been trying to find this out for hours..

    1. it's just a sample

      and please, change your system locale first before installing

  57. The Newbie guide doesn't work.

  58. Replies
    1. When I click it, it says,"Sorry this page you were looking for in this blog no longer exist."

    2. We only closing the VN Index,and the newbie guide are still operating

  59. Guys, actually I made a post on how I installed Starry Sky ~in Spring~ in my blog (click my name to go to my blog). You may want to check that out, too, so you can make a reference before asking the admins. I hope this can at least help the admins (because they were a great help to me).

  60. several arc is missing. What should I do?

    1. when I was installing, some errors about 'chip.arc' came out. but I ignored it. the game runs perfectly at first, but in the middle of the game, It cracked and I thought it's because I ignored the chip.arc. I've tried to reinstall it but it didn't work. it keeps cracking in the same event

  61. When i clicked the mediafire link, i could only see an empty folder...:(

  62. Please fix this link , :D
    Thanks before ^^

  63. i already try to install it and click the folder. but when i click next there's box said C:\USERS\ADMINISTRATOR\DOWNLOADS\STARY SKY - SPRING - JAPANESE\STARY SKY\README.txt:unknown version.
    what must i do?

    1. what folder?
      and your system locale = japanese?

    2. well.. i install it and it said "file will be dispatched in the following directory" so i search and click the folder. but it always the same box said
      Well. my sistem locale is english.

  64. to download the files from mediafire do you need to have a proaccount? :(

  65. Ehmm i have set my locale in japanese and have downloaded the english and the japanese version and have patched but when i open the game there is a japanese window warning that i don´t understand of course and what i must do that this window don´t come

  66. Oh, I suppose it's to late for me now. ;~; Well, anyways, thank you for posting this info about Starry Sky and supplying it with the downloads. I'm just stuck with a patch, but no game. xD Thanks again.


  67. I downloaded it whole day, i downloaded english patch too
    everything went smoothly

    1. explain further, and also please read the comments above you

  68. Hi, I changed my locale, downloaded and installed the full game into a folder. I also downloaded the english patch with no problems. And when I apply the english patch on the folder (where I originally installed it), it still works fine. HOWEVER, the window starts 'not responding', and i wait it out. Then, the window says "starry sky in spring has not been fully patched because of the following reason: CRC error - cannot update the following file: c:/USERS...../Chip.arc"
    I don't understand what I did wrong (and yes i tried uninstalling and reinstalling it).
    Thanks so much! :D

    1. are you sure you're patching it at the correct place?

      see the folder where you installed them and patch it by putting the location of the installed folder

    2. I did patch it in the correct place.
      Fortunately, I figured it out, but thanks tho :)
      Just in case anyone else has/had the same problem as me,
      I had to apply the patch FIRST and THEN install the setup for the
      japanese game. If that makes sense.. (usually i would install the japanese game setup and then apply the patch.. but for this, it's different i guess :P)
      well hope that helps and thanks again :D

  69. i did everything and even tried er-installing but this always pops up when i open the game http://puu.sh/EHKq ; A ;

    1. 1. check your registry when reinstalling, delete it completely from your PC
      2. before installing, make sure the system locale = japanese
      3. test before patching it to english, make sure it's working even though it's japanese
      4. patch it to where you install... use the location on the guide above will help

  70. It doesnt work when I go to the url its just a blank mediafire page.
    i see nothing i could download.

  71. Sorry for taking up space, but what do you do, when it says to choose a directory folder???

  72. When I click on the folder, the one where I downloaded the game, it says 'unknown version'

  73. Hi yes i am well aware of the announcement for the links i was only wondering do you know were i can install the english patch as i already have the original game and i find it easy how to patch the game i just need to downlode the english bit

  74. Hi i rly need help how do u change your location?

  75. sorry but how to download the japanesse-pack-XD on here?
    the link seems to be broken

  76. First, I wanted to say thank you for this helpful tutorial and the links. A lot of other places are very confusing and this was great. :)

    However, I am having trouble getting the game to recognize my English Patch.
    I followed the tutorial to a T multiple times. I have tried uninstalling the game and retrying the tutorial three times. I even tried deleting the original rar/zip files and then redownloading them to try again. The game loads up just fine.
    However, I have tried installing the English Patch multiple times to the EXACT SAME FOLDER as the starrysky_spring.exe application file on my desktop. It says that it has been installed. However, when I load the game up, the dialogue is still in Japanese. I tried restarting my computer but that didn’t change anything. I tried to re-install the English Patch but it say that Patch has already been installed into the correct directory. My computer IS set to Japanese under Language/Non-Unicode Programs. The general location for my computer is ALSO set to Japan.
    I have read through all of the comments and tried everything but the game just refuses to recognize the English Patch.
    Does anybody have any ideas what I should do?

    1. P.S.
      Even though it is installed to my desktop, the game loads up fine and as long as the English Patch is installed in the same folder, it should still work. I HAVE tried extracting the English Patch to the version of the starrysky_spring.exe application file under ProgramFiles/asgard/StarrySky, but WinRar will not extract the files there; it says the "system cannot find the path specified."
      Ima cry. TAT lol

    2. NVM
      It decided to work this time even though I did the EXACT SAME THING that I did the last six times. TT_TT
      I'm simultaneously ecstatic but pissed at all the lost hours...

  77. I tried all the passwords i can see here and still couldn't open the mediafire part 3 :| (there are 5 parts and the 3rd part needs a password.) So I'm wondering if there's a password here that my eye blindly skipped.

  78. The folders are breaken? 'cause I got a message that say "Folders not found"
    (My english is baaddd sorryyy ;_; )

  79. how big is actually the total files? including the english patch

  80. I have a question can i complete delete the starry sky game too when i open my computer file and write in search the name of the game and delet it, later i go to the trash and delete it complete in the trash,is then the starry sky game complete deleted???

    i ask this question ,because when i go to control plane and open my remove programme i can´t see starry sky in spring anymore in the remove programme,before i deleted starry sky in spring i could see it there but i delete starry sky in spring how i described above

    must i deleted it from demon tools and winrar complete too??

    1. It took me quite time to read your question but i think i got the point..

      yes, when you do delete in your recycle bin, it'll delete/remove the game from your PC. So it won't appear on the remove program like you said above.

      sorry, but I don't understand your last question.

    2. Yes Delete demon tools, that tool is a virus

    3. Thank you Raizu for you answer so did i remove the game complete the last question isn´t important.
      But zero why is demon tools a virus i don´t get it must i delete demon tools too???

      sorry but my english isn´t so good i´m from turkey

    4. actually zero is just messing arround..
      daemon tool is not a virus :)

      and yeah, if you cant delete it from control panel you can delete it directly..

      and winrar and daemon tools has nothing to do about it.. unless you mount it and it has some uninstall option

    5. i have delete starry sky complete i have downloaded starry sky in spring two times before because when i patch it and open the english game version there is always a window with a japanese warning but before i have patched it the japanese version worked i have even reinstalled my computer i know that i must first change the regional and unicode to japanese and restart my computer after i changed the unicode
      i have win7

      do anyone know why it didn´t work ???

    6. i have forget to write the error: アプリケーション初期化エラーです

    7. I can only say that it means "Application initialization error"
      try figure it out by yourself since I don't play the game

    8. try to run it as an administrator. SO it works when it's still in japanese, but when you put english patch it doesn't work?

    9. yes when i patch it it doesn´t work anymore but what do you mean that i must run it as an administrator what must i do????

  81. HeLlO must i put the english patch in the same files like the japanese game

  82. Hello thanks for posting this~ It worked perfectly for me :)
    My first time playing an otome game~ and my first time installing hahaha.
    Thanks again.

  83. Hi! I put the password link, then gave me the new link to download the game, and said he appeared mediafire and said folder not found and I can not download it, what do I do?.

    1. the download link is dead...

      and this happen to most of our games...

  84. http://lumanc.blogspot.com/2011/03/pc-otomestarry-sky-summer.html
    I found the download on this blog if anybody wants it
    I'm in the middle of downloading as well so I'm not sure if it work
    this is the PC version, I think

    1. whoops, me again, that was a mistake on my part. I click on the wrong link.
      I'm not sure if it's allowed but for credit reason, i'll post a link to another site
      It has both the download, patch, as well as the tutorial on how work the game
      reminder, the LINK IS THE TUTORIAL, to download, click on the download link,
      it'll lead you to another place on the blog with the OFFICIAL DOWNLOAD
      if it's not allowed, sorry

  85. I've installed properly the patch but still appears symbols instead of english words!!!!!!!!

    1. If I go to the newbie guide there's nothing in it!

    2. you must do the very first point of the NEWBIE GUIDE

      and please don't say there's nothing in it

  86. I cannot uninstall the game. I followed the instructions you listed in the guide but everything seems to be leading me to the same results. Attempting to uninstall it only leaves me with some pop up saying something about DLL GameuxInstall helper.

    1. delete everything and/or remove it from control panel add/remove program, or do anything that will erase starry sky in your pc, and then reinstall

  87. Can i still download the game or does the link not work anymore?

  88. I installed everything but when it came to the patch directory, it said "Invalid Directory" or
    "This program cannot update the installed version of Starry Sky ~ In Spring~ because of the following reason:
    C:\Program Files\Starry_Sky_~In_Spring~_v1.0_Full (1)\Starry Sky ~In Spring~ v1.0 Full\README.txt: unknown version."
    Can you help? I've been looking at every site and they don't tell me. T^T

    1. Or it would say "This program cannot update the installed version of Starry Sky ~ In Spring~ because of the following reason:
      C:\Program Files\ASGARD\STARRY☆SKY~IN SPRING~\README.txt: unknown version."

    2. BTW, I already looked at the newbie guide and did what it told me to do, i extracted and everything.

    3. did you install it at "C:\Program Files\ASGARD\STARRY☆SKY~IN SPRING~\"

      if not, then patch it at where you install it

    4. I tried that too, but it doesn't work.

    5. hmm, can you give screenshoots of how the folder looks like, the error, and everything related...

      and then ask at our forum

  89. Hi! I can not install the game, and certainly the sites you put it, I clicked, but the site always says that the file does not exist, or wrong, I really wanted to play this game,'ve looked at thousands of sites but could not install ! If someone has a hand to help me, I would be very grateful!

    1. this one here?

  90. Guys, i've done everything but then out of the blue this always appears http://t.co/MK5cD4Zoyk and i cant even load the game. and how to uninstall it because i cant somehow hellppppp

    1. try to read all of the comments here, if it still won't help, try asking at the forum

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  92. To everyone that been having issues with the 'C:\Program Files\ASGARD\STARRY☆SKY~IN SPRING~\README.txt: unknown version.' message. Go into the file and delete the 'readme.txt' document. And then try it again. This message comes up because it isn't a file recognized by the patch and shouldn't be in there. :D Have fun!

  93. Sorry, but both the files are invalid or deleted.


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