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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Randomness of the day: Fripside

Origin: Japan
Genre: j-pop, synthpop, trance
years active: 2002 - present
Label: Geneon Universal Entertainment
website: Fripside.net

ugh... really... I don't know what to say... :aghh:
so I'm just copassing things from my friend...

I'm very sorry for the mistakes and incoveniences here. I'll have Dwi_Edge to fix it ASAP
Tsundere_Lover: the pic is fixed
Dwi_Edge: Done... very sorry

even he can made mistake...Dwi_Edge is only a human... (not a god anymore) and he's not working with others, he's working alone...

Style:fripSide (VISIT THIS SITE!)
Official site: Fripside Official
FripSide is a Japanese pop band. Started in 2002, fripSide is made up of two members, Yoshino Nanjo (vocal, lyrics) and sat, a.k.a. Satoshi Yaginuma (lyrics, synthesizers, composer, arrangement) Former vocalist Nao graduated from fripSide March 2009.

The name “fripSide” comes from the word “flipside.” It’s a direct reference to when one had to flip records to side B. Since Flipside was already taken by a foreign artist, Sat coined the word “fripSide.” The capital S comes from Satoshi’s name.

fripSide had a very successful start on the indie community muzie. All three of their first albums topped their muzie’s monthly shop ranking, and many of their songs had thousands of downloads. fripSide performed live for the first time for two shows in March 2005 and one in December 2005. In 2006, fripSide became a part of Japanese gaming company Visual Art’s and started releasing under elseena-music entertainment. They released a few albums with Visual Art’s and were featured in other non-fripSide releases such as the RADIO Twinkle☆Crusaders albums. fripSide NAO project!, fripSide’s denpa subgroup, began during this time in April 2007. fripSide performed live once again December 25, 2007.

A new anime called Koihime†Musou began airing in the summer of 2008. fripSide performed the anime’s theme song flower of bravery and released the song coupled with a new version of their 2004 hit sky called sky-version 2008- on the single flower of bravery. This release was fripSide’s first major release and the first time they appeared on the Oricon charts, debuting at #26 on the weekly charts. Their fifth album split tears was a major release as well, debuting at #67 on the Oricon weekly. split tears had a software release as well that went on sale a day before the commercial version did. fripSide performed at many events this year for flower of bravery and did two shows in Osaka and Tokyo to promote split tears.

In March 2009, fripSide announced that long-time vocalistNnao was leaving to pursue her own musical career. Left without a vocalist, producer Satoshi Yaginuma asked singer Rita to collaborate for the song spiral of despair-resurrection-. A huge compilation album titled nao complete anthology 2002-2009-my graduation- was released in July 2009; every album and song performed by nao was included on this ten disc compilation (with exception to the 2008 singles due to copyright issues). Very rare songs like colorless fate -erica 2007-(DEMO) and come to mind -short version- (also known as the piano version) made their way onto this monster album, as well as unreleased songs like my graduation, which has been waiting to make its public debut since 2003. This album marked the definitive end to the first phase of fripSide.

However, a few weeks after, the second phase of fripSide began. After 4 months without a vocalist and no activity, fripSide finally announced their new vocalist was none other than Yoshino Nanjo, a Japanese voice actress. fripSide was officially signed to Geneon Universal July 2009.

Currently, fripSide is involved with three theme song tie-ins for the anime To Aru Kagaku no Railgun. The first two singles, only my railgun and LEVEL5-Judgelight- were big hits; both songs debuted in the top 10 of the Oricon weekly charts and are both still charting as of April 5, 2010. The fall 2010 single for the Railgun OVA, future gazer, debuted at #3 on the Oricon daily and included the theme song to the adult visual novel Fortissimo//Akkord:Bsusvier. fripSide also released a few songs on the side for new games by Lapis Lazuli and eufonie. On March 30, 2010, fripSide was featured on TV for the first time on TV Tokyo’s Anisong Plus program, appearing as their pick-up artist of the week. On April 9, 2010, fripSide started their new radio program RADIO RONDOROBE-only my radio-gun which broadcasts every Friday at 9:30PM-10PM JST.

fripSide performed at Music Japan’s popular special, MJ Presents Shinseiki Anisong SP 3, and performed at Animelo Summer Live 2010 -evolution- on August 28.

This boy-girl duo plans to release their first album under Geneon Universal on Dec 1, 2010
... it's out guys...

1st Album
infinite synthesis
see: here
GNCA-1271 税込3,675円(税抜3,500円)
GNCA-1272 定価3,150円(税抜3,000円)


1. only my railgun(TVアニメ「とある科学の超電磁砲」オープニングテーマ)
2. LEVEL5-judgelight-(TVアニメ「とある科学の超電磁砲」後期オープニングテーマ)
3. everlasting(「ああっ女神さまっ 第42巻 限定版」OAD主題歌)
4. late in autumn
5. future gazer(OVA「とある科学の超電磁砲」オープニングテーマ)
6. 悲しい星座
7. crossing over
8. closest love
9. meditations
10. trusty snow
11. lost answer
12. eternal pain
13. stay with you

buy it men... or not...
just DL it here: MEDIA FIRE!
password :kmc

and here's the others.... from fouchan...

1st odyssey of fripSide:
2.distant moon
3.come to mind
4.Love to Sing
5.Colorless fate
6.your ocean -azure reproduct mix-
7.be sure…-album mix-
8.bright days
9.in the future -side02-
10.end game

Download MediaFire HERE

2nd fragment of fripSide:
1.second fragment
3.transitory orbit
5.save me again
8.Detour -fripSide edition-
9:crying moon
10.storm of sorrow

Download MF = HERE

3rd refrection of fripSide:
1.an evening calm
2.reminiscense blue
4.transient wind
5.vanity destroyer -fripSide edition-
6.velocity -fripSide+vin-PRAD-
7.splash emotion
8.colors of summer dream
9.planet illusion
10.sky -sLab reproduct mix-
11.bright days -version2005-
12.distant moon -version2005-

Download MF = HERE

1.binary digit
2.hurting heart
4.prominence -version2007-
5.refine progress
6.heat your wave
7.libration crisis
8.never no astray
9.transient wind -version2007-
10.dream myself!
11.true eternity -album version-
12.brave new world
Download MF = HERE

split tears:
1.before dawn daybreak
2.split tears
3.praying over (album version)
5.fictional moon (album version)
6.snow blind (album version)
7.snow blind -after-
8.spiral of despair
9.escape -version2008-
11.eternal twinkle

Download MF = HERE

Reproduct mixies ver0.2:
01.hurting heart/ju-ri-mix
02.Red -reduction division-/sat vs tkm RMX ver.2.1
03.magicaride/kai Reproduct RMX
04.vanity destroyer/tkm Reproduct RMX
05.spiral of despair/tkm Reproduct RMX
06.an evening calm/kai Reproduct RMX
07.Red -reduction division-/sat vs tkm RMX
08.before dawn daybreak -phantoms RMX-

Download MF = HERE

best&Unpublished side1:
1.Red -reduction division-
2.the chaostic world
3.true eternity
5.fictional moon
6.absolute one
7.melody -reset+fripSide-
8.come to mind -short version-
9.Love to sing -R&T factory Remix-
10.crying moon -acoustic version-
11.in the future
12.be sure
13.Your Ocean

Download MF = HERE

Unpublished side2:

1.holy night magic
2.a little christmas time
4.cheer up forever
5.ないしょ思春期/fripSide NAO project!
6.せな★せな@ultimate!!/fripSide NAO project!
7.every day⇔every way!/fripSide NAO project!
8.こいびと☆アクセント!!-remix edition-/fripSide NAO project!
9.Red Data Girl/fripSide NAO project!

Download MF = HERE

Unpublished side3:
1.grand blue
2.grace of summer
3.feeling trust
5.snow blind
6.colorless fate -erica 2007-(DEMO)
7.piece of azure
8.my graduation
9.hurting heart -nao piano arrange-

Download MF = HERE

ENOUGH with OLD song...


Download mini album HERE

Level 5 judge light:
1. LEVEL5-judgelight-
2. memory of snow
3. LEVEL5-judgelight- (instrumental)
4. memory of snow (instrumental)

Download Hotfile = HERE

Future Gazer

1. future gazer
2. fortissimo -the ultimate crisis-
3. future gazer (instrumental)
4. fortissimo -the ultimate crisis- (instrumental)

Download MF HERE

CREW Opinion

hmm, from me? I guess their music are easy listening... it's no good when you try to sing it... so let's just enjoy their music by listening...:listen:
hohoho... but indeed I like the beat and the effect... even though there only two of them... Sat is really good at composing songs like Only My Railgun, Future Gazer, Fortissimo - The Ultimate Crisis-, Level 5 Judgelight... ahaha... it's all that I ever know...
just why is that?

I just know about them recently.. after I watched Railgun... but I already hear some of their songs from eroge / VN... so... that's fine huh?
anoo... for now let me leave this post as it is should be...

wait for the others to work? that probably takes FOREVER



  1. I'm so happy to see that you linked to my site (style:fripSide) in your other post ^^

    However, please stop hotlinking my banner and put up your own image. I don't appreciate this >_>
    Also, Fouchan at this site: http://www.indowebster.web.id/showthread.php?t=129640
    is NOT me. Please do not credit them for the banner either.


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