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Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Topic : Nendoroid corner

After I sugested about this topic to "Big Boss" of crane,
(boss=Falost... just to let you know ^^)
starting today we will also talking about nendoroid.
For anyone who don't know what "nendoroid" is,you can scroll down because now I'm gonna explain some of the types of action figures :

1.PVC Figure

A PVC figure is a statue like model because it is static,not poseable eventough some parts can be removed or replaced but it is very few.Sometimes comes with its own stand (like above).
Another version sometimes called ero-figure (erotic of course ^^) ussualy comes with features that make us able to remove the clothes of the figure (usually called cast-off)

Pros :
  • Highly detailed

Cons :
  • Very expensive,because of the quality itself.
  • Static,not poseable, but some figures able for some parts to be removed or replaced.
  • Quite big,eat a lot of spaces.

2. Figma

Figma is a poseable figure.It has joints so you can make it pose as you want.A figma also comes with a figma stand,a special stand to hold the figma so you can create a more complex pose without worrying the figma would fall.Figma also comes with some parts and change able face plates.

Pros :
  • More cheaper than PVC figure or nendoroid.
  • Poseable,moveable parts,with various optional parts included.

Cons :
  • Less detailed than PVC figurine

There is another type of figma called revoltech.The difference is on the joint.Revoltech has a revolving joints (Revoltech name also comes from word revolver).
Figma ussualy based on anime or game characters but revoltech also vary to robots,film and television characters (like kamen rider etc. even figma also has kamen rider).

Nendoroid petit Normal Nendoroid

A Nendoroid is a small action figure.It quite similiar to figma but in small and chibi form (super deformed).It also has joints and changeable part.The is some interestig things I learn about nendoroid.First,the figure was prosessed by machine but colored by human hands.Second,parts from one nendoroid ussualy also can be used for another nendoroid from a different character. Nendoroid also comes with a stand similiar to figma.

Pros :
  • Small and compact.About 10cm tall.
  • Changeable optional parts similiar but not same as figma but the parts can be used for another nendoroid.

Cons :
* A bit more expensive than figma

There is also another version of nendoroid called nendoroid petit / puchi.it is a smaller version of normal nendoroid,about a half of it original size.It has similiar characteristic like the normal ones eventough I believe the quality is just a bit lower than original but it almost same.Older version of nendoroid petit only have one face plates but the new one ussualy comes with 2.Nendoroid petit ussualy comes with sets (one sets ussualy 3 nendoroid petit).


The pros & cons compared to normal nendoroid :

Pros :
  • More cheaper.Also comes with sets so you can complet a series more quickly and cheaper.
  • Nearly similiar quality.
  • More smaller,more compact.
Cons :
  • Joints ussualy more sluggish and less flexible than a normal ones with some exception like Hachune Miku (NOT Hatsune Miku.Hachune Miku is a stupid version of Hatsune Miku also pictured as a chibi character)
  • Ussualy has less optional parts.
  • Normally, Petits’ joints are unipolar, while the normal Nendoroids have bipolar joints.

I will mainly focused on news of new nendoroid in the future..

Some words from the CREW :

Becareful of nendoroid ! It is actually a "poisonous" stuff (not a real poison I mean).what I mean is,when a new one is released,you feel like you cannot hold yourself to buy it because of it cuteness ^^.many people has fallen into this path.So,try to hold yourself.(the same also works for others).

don't worry dude... I haven't poisoned by this things yet... maybe that's why they call me half-assed otaku.. or not... hahwhawhaw...

Me too, maybe because it's difficult to get, considering that in our country some series won't be released, remember our "AFA accident"? Lol, and considering the price too (T-T)

I want all of them, but i don't have the money...
but i think figma is good for a cool character, and nendo is good for a kawai character :D


  1. Nice, when i see KOS-MOS figma, I want to replay the xenosaga series...

  2. forget it... I don't wanna through the trouble to get dark Erde Kaiser again >.<


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