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Sunday, December 26, 2010

[Whirlpool] Suzukaze no Melt -Where Wishes are Drawn to Each Other-(JAP)

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Full Title: Suzukaze no Melt -Where Wishes are Drawn to Each Other-
Company: Whirlpool
Size: about 3.70GB
Release Date: 2010/08/27



In the town where Akihito lives, a big festival takes place every ten years in honor of the God of the Land. A few weeks before the festival, a mysterious occurrence takes place, and Akihito sees the culprit: a small, furry creature. Though Akihito doesn't believe it at first -- nobody else seems to see this mysterious being -- his childhood friend Nazuna tells him it is one of many spirits who've wandered into town.

The two visit a place deep in the forest where normal people can't enter, where he meets the beautiful Land God. When Akihito learns Nazuna has been tasked with returning all the wayward spirits to the forest, he decides to help out. Along with the help of their friends in the Town History Club, the group begins a wild hunt to track down -- and occassionally rescue -- all the lost little spirits who've started causing trouble for those who can't see them.

CG Sample

th_63290_Suzu1_123_355lo.jpg th_63290_Suzu2_123_629lo.jpg th_63290_Suzu3_123_1118lo.jpg
th_63291_Suzu5_123_24lo.jpg th_63291_Suzu6_123_139lo.jpg th_63291_Suzu8_123_199lo.jpg


Whirlpool, the creator of Magus Tale... err... I just didn't know about it... but this game is wonderful... and I know why Getchu pick this game as best game 2010... epic...
So far it’s a lot of fun with comical, likable characters, great story, and wonderful art...

Instruction to Play
1. Install Game with a Japanese Unicode enabled system
2. Run the game once with the Disc Mounted
3. Use the Supplied alsignup Tool to apply the Serial
4. Unmount the Disc
5. Have Fun ^^

and I've got this mini-review ... which contain spoiler everywhere... skip this section if you don't want to be spoiled! (credit to : this blog

REVIEW (mini)

note: the Black one here isn't made by Falost... just for your information
(actually....... he telling the truth (FF))

nah, it's not black anymore

Tsubaki Nazuna (椿 捺菜)

Same age as the protagonist, she is quite the devoted childhood friend. She has the ability to see the future in her dreams, but this is a curse more than a blessing. Often she foresees bad events, but she cannot do anything about it because what she foresees will inevitably come true, no matter how she tries to prevent it. One night she dreams of the death of the protagonist. Her story is about how she tries to change that future.
She’s spent nearly all her childhood with the protagonist, and you can easily see how much she adores him. Her path was quite touching, especially when seeing her desperately trying to save the protagonist, even at the expense of herself. I’m glad she managed to get a happy end, but I only wish it didn’t seem so forced.

Enomoto Yoshika (榎本 佳華)

Yoshika is a classmate of the protagonist, leader of the local history research club, and a tsundere. She is very interested in local history and legends, which is how she first met the protagonist, since he’s the priest of the local shrine.
In Yoshika’s path you get to see the protagonist be a badass with his priestly magical powers, the mayor of the city spontaneously become evil despite no hint of it in other paths, and Yoshika as an old woman.

Hisagihara Ui (楸木原 羽衣)

She recently transferred to the protagonist’s school. Her younger sister has been hospitalized for much of her life due to a mysterious illness. The sisters value each other greatly, to the point where Ui regularly sneaks into the hospital at night to visit her, despite the younger sister’s objections. It felt like the story focused more on the sister’s bonds rather than the protagonist’s.
I actually liked Ui’s younger sister more than Ui herself. Ahahaha.

Hiragi Tsukino (柊 月音)

I don’t know how to describe her. Sort of airheaded and relaxing, but also very sharp and good at inferring things? Doesn’t that contradict? Anyway, she is one year older than the protagonist, and she keeps a pet dog, which was actually a spirit. She is an adopted child, but her adopted parents do love her very much.

Suzu (涼)

Clear the other 4 heroines, and Suzu’s path is unlocked. Suzu is the ageless god that oversees the city. She keeps the spirits from being too reckless, and purifies the evil spirits. She lives near a lake which is protected and invisible to outsiders due to a barrier, though the protagonist and some of the heroines are able to enter. She hasn’t left this protected area in a very, very long time, and so is a little clumsy dealing with modern times.
Just like you would expect from a final path, Suzu’s path neatly ties up all the loose ends and foreshadowing from the previous paths. Her path shows how she meets the protagonist’s ancestors, why she became the city’s god, and how she feels about the people around her. She meets the protagonist, falls in love, and no longer wanting to lose people important to her, offers her own life to save his. Very emotional.

and here's their opinion (coz I haven't download it yet... I'm busy in this holiday you knooowwww)
Voice acting is great, just like any of Whirlpool’s works. You can always expect great art and great choice of voice actors from Whirlpool. Music is fine. The background music did exactly what it was supposed to: stay in the background and not distract me. The system is good, with many options to change as you like. There are also plenty of save slots, and autosave & quicksave have more than one slot as well.
Whirlpool is usually weak with the scenario, but they did a decent job this time, probably because they’re not using their usual terrible writer. There were many touching moments between the heroines and the protagonist, and also between the Hisagihara sisters. It was very easy to read, although maybe a little too long. I did enjoy this very much, and am looking forward to new titles from Whirlpool.
Recommended route: Suzu > Nazuna > Ui > Tsukino > Yoshika.

Hook Code
just add /ks4 behind your after your base code


Download Link


Final Words

you asking me to review it? no... not in 20 days... whahahaa..
Just Download it, and gimme some opinion here... don't be such a leecher...

actually, I'm just planning to save this post for later... but hell... my schedule is ruined... ahaha.... look at my kirinote... it's cramped though... hehehe...

and after posting eroge overview (actually a short review) I should search for some information again... this time for song of the week... haeeeee.... it's tiring...

Sorry I can't help you with this VN things.... since I only play very very veryyyyyy small number of VN, n I stuck with some "heart" problem with 3D girl, so I have to leave those 2D girls to you, xixixixi



  1. this game are english or japanese text?

  2. you can always check it at VNDB

  3. Can you play it using translator?

  4. aaa..i cant use megaupload and fileserve..couse my country block it..hmm..let me try revive the dead mediafire..щ(゚Д゚щ)(屮゚Д゚)屮..lol..

  5. Some links on IDWS are broken...
    No mediafire?.. T_T

  6. We are now working for the MF links

    you can wait it

  7. Replies
    1. so it can be play with translator?
      if possible then i need guide for translator pls :)

  8. Mediafire part 16 download link somehow broken, keeps cutting downloads before they can be finished (around 25 Mt and 70 Mt)

    1. it's MF fault.

      try again in 2-3days and clear your cookies

  9. the link is dead.....
    request for reupload pls?


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