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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

[SofthouseSealGrandee] Zettai Junshu (ENGRISH OTW)

hehehe... naughty pic huh?

I strike back with moar eroge... and now... it's an ERO one
lovely? of course it is... eroge = Galge + ERO

even though I said "strike back" but actually all of the new post here are made by me, so meh...
stop blabbering..

let's move on to this game, coz it's from me, I think you can guess that this is Nu-Ki-Ge... and I decided to make a label about that..

zah2... now let's start...


the cover is too NSFW

Title: Zettai Junshu ☆ Kyousei Kozukuri Kyokashou!!
Genre: Comedy, Eroge, Ecchi
Developer: Softhouse Seal grandee
Language: Japanese
Size: 4,2 GB
Release Date: 28-05-2010


English Patch on progress=> http://staircasesubs.com/zettai-junshu/


In 20XX, the humans are about to go extinct...

Since the ratio of men and women is now 1:10721, the authorities establish a new law, "Sex New Law", and issue a card called "Free Sex Licence". Once a man shows his card to a girl, he will be able to have sex with her soon. However, it doesn't work...
The authorities decide to issue a new license to break the deadlock...

I think from the Description you already have the gist of it... so ... well... now see the OP vid ^^



Rin Kirishima
Rin is the MC's Osananajimi (Chilhood friend, if you don't know)...
Beside that, she's also the class rep ... she's usually get angry especially
if Takumi (MC) flirting with other girls

Misaki Kirishima
Misaki is Rin's big sis.... and she's one year older from Rin and Takumi...
In her school, she's very pupular and she's also the Seito-kaichou...
(Student Council President)

Sara Katsuragi
Sara is a classmate of Rin and Takumi, she's famous by her intelligence and
of course the good scores ^^.... She's rather rude and emotional ...
usually when Takumi teasing her ^^

Himari Ibuki
Himari is the imouto of Takumi (I smell WINcest...) and one year younger than him...
beside that she's also into the same school as her brother.
Even though they're not blood related, Takumis is love her as much like
she's his blood-related sister

Actually there's more character... but... hell... damn right... I'm too lazy ^^
here's some pic

ahaha... they're just so lovely... I like the art of this VN more than Picasso, Latest anime-art, my father art, and my own art (0.O)


shhhhh... keep your voice down...

don't tell anyone kay??

coz this game have skirt removal patch...

I'm running low on blood


SOME of The H-Scene is Animated
ARGH... gonna die... too much blood loss... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....

see here:http://softhouse-seal.com/product/g-001/animation.html
in the site above, there's some of the animated h-scene sample... ugh... just be ready...


Download Links
is delicious!



Hook Code

no need to use code, there's already KiriKiri Engine...
you do understand right?? or I need to explain about KiriKiri engine?? Leftleft engine?
(in my language, Kiri = Left) so let me explain about
KananKanan engine
(ah... Kanan = Right, just a joke

KiriKiri engine automatically detected by newest version of agth,
so you just need to pick it out at the agth window... that's all ^^

gah, just use ITH, you don't need to use any code


Download this, and enjoy... just don't do it like someone who have a faster DL speed than me and he's just ask for this... ckckckck... go learn your lesson already...
My Speed isn't as fast as yours... but I'm more dedicated....

ahh, not enough energy to type more
coz I'm running out of blood...

... arg.. ag...h.... till we meet again...

EDIT: (after got some blood transfusion)
fiuuh, time to extract this one
the characters above is updated, with the one I extract from this VN... ehehe

SPOILER for next project...
or not...
She's looks like azunyan huh??
with bigga boobs and cat ears ^^



  1. no you're wrong...
    it's me that "fvcking awesome"

  2. swt..
    nyinggung ak nian

    lebih kenceng tuh di teknik..
    ak la dk sempet lagi ke teknik

    and i'm downloading it now

  3. aku di rmh tu la..
    kau di rmh masi dpt 100an kan??


  4. Waaaaai... The Torrent is still alive xD

    link torrent Zettai @ HongApi :

    link Page nya @ HongApi :

  5. orrchids nyasar ke sini :panda:


    thx linknya (yah... gw lg males nyari aj)

  6. Can't seem to extract the file, looks like part 15 and 22 is corrupt

  7. repair it first plz...

    open the corrupted and press ALT+R

  8. Hi i got the file extracted using daemon tools and installed the japanese language pack. But the problem is that my computer is showing some weird symbols shown on the installation of the game like " º‚Á‚½‚¢�…Žç�™‹­�§Žq�ì‚è‹–‰Â�Ø!! ". I didnt know whats wrong and used the start.exe and had a syntax error. I think its because of the language cant process through the start.exe . So im asking how can the wierd symbols be fixed?? i already tried restarting several times now but still not working..PLS HELP!!!

  9. please note here, if you already install japanese languange pack (in XP) or change your system locale to Japanese (in win7)

    the º‚Á‚½‚¢�…Žç�™‹­�§Žq�ì‚è‹–‰Â� will be replaced by japanese kanji words... 因差これいうユア だいじょうぶ


  11. feel grateful?

    then, help us by share this site to the world ^^

  12. how do you translate the game, after downloading and installing the game, it is in japanese is there a way to translate to english

  13. use Atlas + Aggregator combo see our newbie guide... it's not perfect... but at least if you are like to watch some anime, you'll get the gist of it... ^^

  14. I'm having an issue of playing this, i downloaded 22.rar.s from MF and had to extracted to one file then extracted to the actually thing then it asks me what program i want to run it as, so i went and downloaded applocale and i'm still having an issue, and my region is set to japan, any ideas? like i might be missing something?

  15. 22 rar files, extract it... and it will become a image disc file..
    mount it using daemon tools and install it just like when you insert a cd in your CD ROM

  16. Thank you very much that helped out a lot and thanks for the quick respond. I do appreciate it.

  17. Is there any more VN like this with a small flash video and sound?

  18. there's many more..
    especially one that come from the same company..
    which will be posted here if I have the mood and time

  19. Takes a whole day to download this fuc*in awesome VN, Hell yeah this is totally worthed. Thx guys, btw where do you live Dwi? in Surabaya maybe?

  20. no, I'm not in Surabaya...

    and dwi_edge is only my surname..
    my real name is much more cooler...

  21. After I install the game It asked me to enter the disc key.. what should I do? I already changed my setting to the Japanese one.

  22. there's crack above right?

    use it...

    and also, in order to avoid some stupid questions like these, I rather you all to read my post thoroughly

  23. When I try running start, it says something in japanese about the data app. when i run the data app, it says the protect.dll is missing. can anyone help? ive already tried downloading protect.dll and putting it into system 32.

  24. (im the person above)
    i fixed the problem involving the protect.dll, but now when i run the data app, i get unhandled exception in the host library (thread 4720)

  25. heh?

    I'm installing this game and automatically have the protect.exe and protect.dll at the game folder...

    are you sure you already change your system locale into japanese and use the crack above??

    coz I can just click ぜったい遵守☆強制子作り許可証!!.exe
    to play this game

  26. Hmm, okay, the problem with the data thing i mentioned above was because i tried using a different way to get the crack. now i tried the provided crack (giving me a start.exe that looks like fishes) and when i start it, i get the message that it's missing krdevui.dll

  27. okay, now
    please give me your step through step of installing this game...

  28. First, I downloaded the torrent and extracted the files. Then, I downloaded the crack. Next, I changed my system locale to Japanese and restarted my computer. Then, I did the set up and started it. It asked my for the key, so I started the start application. Now, I get the error that says that i'm missing the krdevui.dll.

    Oh, and i'm running on Windows 7 Home Preium

  29. eh?
    are you sure you already mount the image files and installed the game?

  30. Yeah, I repeated all the steps again, and when i start it, it asks for the disc key, so i use the crack/start app and it says something about "krdevui.dll"

  31. if you install it correctly, the game folder will become like this: http://i.imgur.com/jPyHK.jpg

    note: I'm using the MediaFire one...
    and the crack is used for patching/replace the .exe (I forgot)

  32. HOLY S@#&! IT WORKED! THANK YOU! i didnt know where i was supposed to put the start.exe, but after you posted the image, i got it. AGAIN THANK YOU. THANKS DWI EDGE TOO FOR TRYING!

  33. well... enjoy your animated + delicious h-scene ^^

  34. Liking the artwork + Kirishima Rin!
    BTW, is this purely nukige or is there any heroine-dedicated routes/endings (as you can see, I'm mainly interested in this game 'cus of Rin xD)

  35. I don't know >.<
    it's a shame... but I don't have time to play this game....

  36. Ah, I see, thanks for taking the time to answer then :) Looks like I'd have to find out for myself some time, haha. Hope you get some available time in the foreseeable future to try out some awesome VN/eroge!

  37. I don't have any at this time... and I just can't play any games..
    coz I have to update all of the things here and over there... >.<

    all the hard work alone

  38. omg... someone removed the mediafire.. i still left only 1 part left to download. please fix it thanks.

  39. hmm?

    please wait, Chyvalle will re-upload all of them

  40. Chyvalle have uploaded it, thank you Chyvalle and Craneanime for the efficiency.:)

    Anyway anyone knows of any unsubbed visual novel that have the male main character voice in speeches, because i cant read Japanese words but understand abit of their language spoken.Thanks in advance :p

  41. Chyvalle= our slave uploader... lol

    check VNDB for voiced protagonist, I think there's a TAG for that

  42. hi! Some part of the game in mediafire need password ! what password is ?

  43. what happend to the links in the mediafire folder?.the links are gone?.can someone check the links please.

  44. is part 12 and 17 in mediafire is OK, cuz i try to download it but i keep having problems w/ the connection( and it is not about my net)....

  45. can someone help me , i keep getting this everytime i open the ぜったい遵守☆強制子作り許可証!!.exe file it keeps asking me for the disc or something what shall i do about it?

  46. ouch....shock i totally forgot thx man!!!

  47. can someone tell me about other eroge that have an animated h-scene like this one.....

  48. naturally its's that one , but is there any other?

  49. the sequel of this game..

    I forgot the name, search at vndb

  50. can someone post a link for a walktrough for this one it looks like it have an alternate end and i cant get it ,in google they don't show much of a help so....

  51. um...... i gots a problem with the game. i did everything and yet it looks nothing like http://i.imgur.com/jPyHK.jpg
    help ><

    1. everything as in (copy and paste)
      "First, I downloaded the torrent and extracted the files. Then, I downloaded the crack. Next, I changed my system locale to Japanese and restarted my computer. Then, I did the set up and started it. It asked my for the key, so I started the start application. Now, I get the error that says that i'm missing the krdevui.dll."
      All i have is the run app. and the install and uninstall app.
      Help ><

    2. screenshoot it, your file I mean...

      upload it to imgur

    3. nvm i got it after doing some tinkering. ty

  52. hi! the mediafire link say "folder not found" ..:(

    1. ooops sorry I didn't read before posting, don't mind my post.

  53. first, thanks for reupload-ing..
    english project of this already dead..?
    can i have the partial patch or alike? i cant found it in translation site..

    1. OTW means on the way...

      and there's no patch for it

    2. no --a
      i check at the translation site and it say:
      "If it isn’t obvious already, this project is dead."
      check: http://staircasesubs.com/zettai-junshu/

    3. well, I don't really care with staircase dropping it... I'll wait for the other one...

      waiting confirmation

  54. so sad they stopped the project without making any partial patch beforehand T.T

  55. is there a download link for original game? i mean separate skirt removal link, separate english patch link, and separate untouched game link?

    1. the link above is original game, skirt removal is separated, there's no english patch

      and wtf is untouched? we always give a newly game without any "touching" included

  56. -,- it was not suspended yesterday ! looks lik I m out of luck for choosing to dl it today T_T

  57. Hoping this gets re-uploaded. Good luck on getting back the files.

    1. Anon it may be your lucky day. I happened to chance upon obtaining this VN. I'm just not sure where to post my upload link.

  58. I don't see the download link in the forum. It isn't in the 'spoiler'.

    1. who said the download link is there?
      it's still dead, read our latest post

  59. I thought it was. Must have gotten confused. Other than that in terms of 'latest post' all I can think of is the Daily Brief: Surprise!

    Is the downloadable content for this game still locked? I clicked on that link but I still feel confused. Sorry if I am sounding stupid or ignorant here but I'm pretty technologically impaired.

    Please forgive my ignorance.

  60. Y U BLOCKED MF?!

    Blargh...trying to find a way to get this game now is gonna be a huge pain in the ass...I was really counting on this.

  61. Ah, I see. It's just not re-uploaded yet. Well, we can't rush the up-loader/s. They already have quite a few re-uploaded already. Patience people. You will find your salvation sooner or later. For those who seem to be BLIND...it's Daily Brief: Surprise! on the right side of the screen. Jeebus.

  62. Come ooooooon. You guys are in the S's! Almost there! DON'T GIVE UP!

  63. Agreed with previous anon. I want to know if I actually like this game before supporting the franchise. You guys are close to re-uploading this game considering the company is in the S's. Not that I'm rushing you it's been a month since last game update and it had me worried.

  64. I think they're referring to ero-jiji's twitter where a lot of games are being re-uploaded in alphabetical order by company names.

    1. no it's not "ordered" by anything... we only upload the ones that you guys upload...

    2. Ah, my mistake. It seems like it was when I looked at it last time. Alright then. Excuse me for a moment.


      Hey. People. Get your asses in gear and START UPLOADING.

    3. Preferably this one in particular please :3

  65. can someone send a link to download the game i cant seem to find it

  66. Where is the skirt removal patch download link?

  67. Trying to Downloaded the game But it takes me to the site and it said it could not find it could some give me a re-upload please and thx you

    1. have you read our announcement?

      lurk more, seriously

  68. I installed the skirt removal patch but i didn't seem working help plzz

    1. ?
      did you install it at the game folder?

      if so, then when the character's sprites appears, they should be without "skirt"

    2. yep I installed it on the game folder. but it creates another folder inside the game folder..
      should I move the patch file?

      here's the image (sucks at explaining)


    3. yes, and replace the files

      oh, backup first, since this vn is 2010, so don't expect me to remember~

  69. when i click on the start.exe it says syntax error and directs me to a blue screen


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