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Sunday, October 31, 2010

100th post: Touhou Wallpaper + Happy Halloween

well.. usually ¤Dwi_Edge¤ do the post labor..
coz it's a 100th post (including the draft which never been done by the other member.. and the post which
has been deleted by Dwi_Edge in order not letting me to have the 100th post) (you don't need to tell them these you know... -_- )
i will do the honor :D

and i will post something which I love the most
Touhou wallpaper...
and here some download link..

credit goes to this awesome site

lets go :D

actually that awesome site don't only post wallpaper it also give us another
anime thingy :D
like :

 (Google Chrome Theme)

make sure you visit those site too :D

and here some awesome touhou image

OK that is all folks :D
enjoy it.. and credit goes to the real uploader :D (kazasou, Kona-chan and 4-chong)


Edit by Dwi_Edge: my correction's in red ^^ zaki's in blue...
Too many blunder... do you edit your post before making sure you do them right?

but well... 100th posts is the one I want you guys to fill out... so I can let this slide ^^
and I need to add...

Trick or treat?

ANIME or VN BLOG? hell yeah, we're both... but why the posts are about VN's? coz I'm the admin of VN, and not the Anime... so well... you'll only see me ^^ at least zaki's is posting today...

well then till we meet again, maybe in christmas you'll se TsundereLover again ^^...



  1. post labour huh?
    but I'm doing it myself... ckckck
    yare yare...

  2. they will not get the share :D

    sad panda is maintenance..
    i can't see my pic T_T

  3. sadpanda's only dead for one day (2 Nov)
    so all in all.... you're late ^^


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