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Friday, September 17, 2010

[Eushully] Ikusa Megami Verita (JAP/RPG)

today I'm kind enough to give two game straight ^^
zzz... but it's too heavy for me to Download... maybe i'll have Vincent893 Download it for me ^^

now it's Strategy RPG...
the OP's good
story? dunno... coz I haven't played it yet
(IT's TOO BIGGG!!! and my DL speed's only 50-80 KBPS )

well, can't say too much... so enjoy it...
the very first game, Ikusa Megami Zero:

Release : 2010/04/23
Genre : RPG
File Size : 8.08 GB (DAMNNNN!!!)
Romaji : Ikusa Megami VERITA
Homepage: http://www.eukleia.co.jp/eushully/eu011.html


when Battle: (epic graphic)

well, it's 8 GB after all

Download Link

Kagekiyo said:
(note: After installing and running it, every few minutes an error message pops up telling me i need to reinstall. Even though that pops up, I can still keep on playing. If other people have this problem, They can get 8gb version after i finish uploading it)
Original ver:
DummyCut ver: http://www.mediafire.com/?2lv6d52p9ad2g

... currently busy

SPOILER for tomorrow!



  1. don't there any patch for this game

  2. I guess he is saying isnt there any patch(english)? for this game

  3. ikusa megami verita ^^ nice one VN here i can help for the story
    the story it's kinda good if you play ikusa megami series
    here the story line of ikusa megami saga if you want to understand the story
    Ikusa Megami Zero>>Ikusa MegamiI>>>Ikusa MegamiII>>>Ikusa MegamiVerita
    hope this help

  4. ups wrong story line here the right one
    Ikusa megami Zero
    Princess General I
    Ikusa Megami Verita
    Princess General II
    Ikusa Megami I
    Ikusa Megami II

  5. ugh telat donload...
    file nya bertuliskan "you do not have access to view"

  6. What's The difference between the dummy cut and original?

  7. Can this be reupped? Thanks!

  8. i know that i shouldn't say this but, MF always quick in removing people upload isnt it.? just like this game that i cannot download it anymore, thx alot for uploading it though.

    1. you should say that, we used to use mf all this time, and then they ban us one by one, till we got to this point where we have to reupload all of our games on other filehosting, that's why you should read the announcement up there

  9. hello..i played this game early..
    but i cant find the QUIT/EXIT button anyway..so I must force to close it by X button on the upright side of the windows layer and the game will crash..
    so..anybody can u tell me how can I exit safely from the game,,


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