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Friday, September 17, 2010

Harugeki - Suzumiya Haruhi no Chourantou + no Gekitou

haeeee haeee...
I've been wasting my time playing this game...
it's fun ^^
well... I can't give any information...
I just find this game interesting... the gameplay is similar to GETAMPED (well... if you're a gamer, at least you know the name)
well, the gekitou version have more characters (KONATA!!!)

How to Play:
use up,down,left,right for move...
Z - Meele attack, pick weapon
X - Dash, Jump
C - Guard, release weapon
A / S - Targeting your enemy
V - Special attack (consuming SOS)

final attack?
I don't used it too often..
but I don't know the combination... well try to find it yourself...

Here's for Chourantou LINK or MF
sorry guys (and gals) I can't find link for the gekitou
but here's the IDWS Link
password? it's mentioned in the file... ^^ if you can't find that find me at SPECIAL THANKS section...


visit again later!


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