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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Working!! OST

Working!! anime Soundtrack
No need to say more...
MediaFire (credit to the respective uploader)

I wish I have sister like them

Track list:
01. Wagunaria he Youkoso!
02. Aawafamiresu baito
03. Koseiteki Sugiru Ten’intachi
04. O Shigotochuu Desu.
05. Taikutsu na Gogo
06. Mukuwa Renai Omoi
07. Byou
08. Koufuku na Heiten
09. Kongetsu no Shifuto
10. Hokkaidou Bousho
11. Kotori Yuu ie no Jijou
12. VS
13. Taisetsu na Tsuitachi
14. Zure Ppanashi
15. Dansei Kyoufushou

dunno why, but this post is at the top three most viewed page...
is it because the creator is a girl (she's a girl...)


  1. it's seiei again
    i'm lazy to write any review right now so i just post some anime ost links...to make my existence obvious here

  2. --"


    the label pwz?
    well...you can blame it on HORSU=KUDO (Horse=kuda)
    he add many stupid label and don't have the WILLPOWER to fix it...
    and here, I'm trying my best

  3. i'm working hard you know,
    did you know that i have to open 20 other website /days
    just to make sure this website got visitor??

  4. yeah2..
    did you know that i have to open 10 Tab at once just to make sure my post is perfect


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