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Sunday, August 8, 2010

[Review] [Minato-soft] Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai (Partial English) (Review)

EDIT (January 31,2011)
this post is the review, the overview + DL links are here

I decided to make this post to kill time... (I'm extracting a VN for about 20 minutes, that's one hell)

Majikoi or Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai is made by minato soft

zzz... it's tiring.. soooo... read below
this review come from Yandere Translation

First of all, Overall score: 9.5/10


Action, comedy, drama, slice of life, Friendship, Romance,

Plot summary:

We spent the days among a casual group of friends, not knowing how precious these days were.
The second-year student of the Kawakami Academy, Naoe Yamato, had valuable friends.
Four boys and three girls. They’ve grown up together, doing silly things since they were small.
Many things happened, but they’re all still friends. It’s a comfortable atmosphere.
Two new members join the group, and their world gets even more rowdy.
All the girls in the group know martial arts and have samurai blood.
Don’t lose against the gallant girls, boys.
April, 2009. The story begins to move…

*Play time: About 40 hours


(from left to right in the pic above)

Yukie (Mayucchi): Reserved, kind girl. She wants to make friends really bad.
Miyako: Quiet, cool type. Only cares about the group members. Loves Yamato (see the top pic, you'll understand)
Momoyo: Honest and strong. Older sister type. Teases everyone.
Kazuko (Wanko): Energetic girl who always trains. Doggy type. (wkwkwk... play Wanko plwz)
Chris: Serious, stubborn girl. A big tsundere. (good news ain't it??)

with pics
1. Naoe Yamato

2.Kawakami Momoyo

3.Kawakami Kazuko

4.Shiina Miyako

5.Mayuzumi Yukie

6.Christiane Friedrich

this is my friend version... Full of spoiler...

From left to right :
Ageha Kuki (Kimiaru) = Kuki Family Lineage
Otome Kurogane (Tsuyokiss) = Budō Master, Also Katana user
Kawakami Momoyo (Majikoi) = Kawakami Style Successor
Serebu Tachibana (Tsuyokiss Nigakki) = Tachibana family lineage, Manjushage (Katana's Name) Wieder

Otome Kurogane
just like mayuzumi, she's always with her sword... at least I saw her always bring it to school, but the difference is: she prefer not to use her sword... depends on her enemies...
her power is similar to Ageha... but she's also prefer kick rather than punch... even human is used as a soccer ball

Serebu Tachibana
Originally, Mayuzumi is not one of the big four, but before Majikoi event started, she's defeat Serebu, one of the big four... and takes her place as one of the big four... All in all, Serebu = Chris.... the difference is that she's using Katana and Chris using Rapier... at the end of the Tsuyokiss Nigaki, she's using dual katana (what?? twin sword user? Takuto?) but she's defeated by Mayuzumi... Serebu's Uncle have similar powers like Momoyo's Grandpa...
it's godlike...

Story: 9/10

The game is about a group of friends and their school life, with more in-depth story in each of the girl’s route. However, this isn’t an ordinary group of people since the girls are all fighters. The school isn’t ordinary either since battles and fights are permitted, so there’s a lot of action scenes in this game.
The story of this game is awesome. The game will give you laughs, tears, and everything else. It has a very good tempo, and the atmosphere within the game is great. The characters come alive, and every one of them is well-made. All the routes are good with hot battles in each one of them. The best thing in this game is the comedy, and the abundant parodies make the comedy top-notch. The game is really, really long, but the atmosphere is so good that you still want more even after you’re done playing the game.
The only complaint about the story is nothing to write home about and no part of it blows you away. And the battle scenes could have been better..

Graphics: 8/10

The graphics are really good. There are more than enough CGs with 90 CGs in the game without counting minor differences within CGs. The standing sprites are well done, with lots of variations for the main characters. Together with the effects, it really brings out the best in this game. I think the art matches the story, and the CGs are placed effectively as well.

Music: 7/10

There are a lot of BGMs in this game (around 50). All the songs were quite good, and none of them got too quiet or loud during the game. There are quite a few really good and memorable songs in there. The only downside is that the vocal songs aren’t that good.

System: 10/10

The perfect Giga system is in place. There’s nothing more you can ask for.
From the title screen, you have tutorial, CG mode, music mode, Hscene recollection, after story, and event selection mode. In-game, you can pretty much change everything. Some things you can change are window mode, text speed, text colors, joypad and key config, volumes, voice on/off for each character, not to stop voice with mouse click, and effect speed.
One complaint I have is that the event mode doesn’t cover all the events. Although, this can be solved by saving during the actual game…

Ero: 7/10

The Hscenes are surprisingly(?) good. Each heroine gets at least 3 scenes, the sub-heroines get 1 scene, and there are a few threesome scenes for a total of 20 scenes in the game. Most of the scenes consist of more than one round and Yamato’s (the protag) ability to ejaculate many, many times, this is amazing. The scenes are pretty long with good text. The CGs and the voice acting are great as well. Most of the scenes are pretty normal, so don’t expect toys or weird stuff.

Voice: 10/10 (WOW!)

This game has an amazing cast of voice actors. I will list what other game/anime each voice actor has been in, and that should be enough to explain how awesome the cast is:
Momoyo: Sakaki (Azumanga), Rider (F/SN), Tsugumi (Ever17)
Kazuko (Wanko): Nagamine (Seinarukana), Seira (Chaos Head)
Miyako: Oumi (Saya no Uta), Shirayuki (Sispuri), Putina (Osadai)
Yukie: Riannon (Tears to Tiara), Ririko (Sharin), Mikuru (Haruhi)
Chris: Tama-Nee (To Heart2), Hinagiku (Hayate), Akiha (Tsukihime)

Male characters:
Capt (leader): Ishida (Bamboo Blade), Ein (Katahane)
Gakuto (buff guy): Trunks (DBZ), Mao (Code Geass), Dororo (Keroro Gunsou)
Moro (gloomy guy): Hidemi (Host Club), Shin (Gundam Seed Destiny)
Cookie (robot): Shinji (Eva), Maou (G-Sen), Lulouche (Code Geass)
Tadakatsu (Tsundere): Archer (F/SN), Greed (FMA)
Ikurou (pervert): Tomoki (Cross Channel), Inuyasha, L (Death Note)
Suguru (otaku): Kamille (Z Gundam), Lumiale (Angelique)
Kuki (rich guy): Tomoya (Clannad), Alto (Macross), Graham (Gundam 00)
Jun (bald lolicon): Kyon (Haruhi), Yuuichi (Kanon), Reiji (Kojika)
Kyojin (teacher): Nero (Tsukihime), Kotomine (F/SN)
Maro (weird teacher): Koizumi (Haruhi), Battler (Umineko), Yukito (Air)
Prime Minister: Houzuki (Sharin), Hiroshi (Kazokei), Cell (DBZ)
Frank (Chris’s dad): Char (Gundam), Shanks (One Piece), Gilbert (Gundam Seed Destiny)

Female sub-characters:
Chika (classmate): Sachi (Sharin), Mayu (ONE)
Mayo (loli classmate): Sayaka (Paniponi), Akira (Yosuga no Sora)
Umeko (teacher): Tsunade (Naruto), Sailor Neptune, Reccoa (Z gundam)
Koyuki (weird girl): Taeko (Swan Song), Aoba (Kazokei), Tama (Muv-Luv)
Margit (army girl): Haru (G-Senjou), Kia (Inganock)
Kokoro: Akane (Muv-Luv), Len (Melty Blood), Miyako (Hidamari Sketch)

There’s more, but I’ll stop here... It's tiring... If the cast from this game doesn’t get a 10/10, I don’t know what game does.

Overall: 9.5/10

This is a great game where everything about it is above average. The comedy is great and the atmosphere is top-notch. The cast of voice actors is amazing, and the parodies created from the cast is funny as well (if you can understand at least some of it).
Recommended for: People who like comedy, people who like school life eroge, people who want ero, and eroge beginners.
Not recommended for: People who don’t want parodies in comedy, people who don’t watch anime or play games, and people who want a deep story.

ah,well I forgot to stock up some screenshoot... well ... I'll give it to you later....
my majikoi data is vanished in my old PC...
so .... I need to re-DL it... damn it



  1. sambil extract shin-koi (gelo, 43 minutes)

    ++ aku dak tau kalo DRRR tu sponsor nyo SQUARE ENIX jg...

    critonyo dalem jg kudo... wkwkwk

  2. iyo aku liat2 review
    mmg agk dalem
    cman aku taruh animenyo di laptop kecik ak..
    and laptop tuh lagi di beneri..

  3. kk Mediafireny ada yg eror y? yg part4.rar 001.. please fix >.<..

  4. kan gw dah bilang... di linknya...
    itu lg broken smua...

    sumbernya jg suspended domain... jadi yah.. nasib

  5. kk dwi edge, saia mo tanya. kn saia download game ini lewat torent. nah saya mo buat jadi bahasa inggris textny gmn ya? saya sudah extract yang (majikoi yukie english yander translations) tp textny g jd bahasa inggris tp title2 ny bahasa inggris >.<

  6. data saya udah ilang >.<

    jadi ga bisa nyoba lg...

    bukannya biasa si yandere ngasih .exe file utk ngepatch y???

    kalo cm di extract yah ga ada efek apa2 -_-

    dan Yukie patch itu kalo ga salah cm route Yukie yg ditranslate... coba tambahin yg prologue translation (ada di yandere blog jg)

  7. ndak kok .. itu ada script.pac, confict.pac update.pac update2.pac sama exe ny

  8. hmm...
    tp gw ga pernah dnger ada masalah dgn scriptnya...

    dah sering maen vn ?

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      se esconden más difícil

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